Jeff began having mystical experiences of Christ at the age of 18 and was initiated into Transcendental Meditation at 19. His meditation practice has evolved through the years and is now rooted in the ideal of perfection, as embodied by spiritual teachers from various wisdom traditions, including Yogandanda, Anandamaya Ma, Babaji, the Buddha, and Jesus Christ. 

In 2003, Jeff began delivering channeled messages referred to as “the readings” that have helped guide he and his wife, Stelli, and others on their spiritual journeys. Excerpts from the readings are included in Jeff's books and throughout this site. They begin with the year in which they were given, followed by the paragraph number (e.g., 2015-124). Text in parentheses is typically a question asked by Stelli or her response to a posed question.

I am sharing with you my personal revelation in the hope that my experience and writing are of help to you on your path. If anything impedes you, discard it and move on. My intention is to facilitate your journey. By living authentically, according to your unique purpose, you will realize eternal life.
— Jeff