The Lord created me at the beginning of his work, the first of his acts of long ago. (Proverbs 8:22)

For Contemplation

The Book of Genesis begins with a physical- and material- dominant description of creation. We might be inclined to believe that a material-first creation presumes that all non-physical aspects of human life arise from human beings after they are set loose on earth. Later passages correct this understanding of creation by recognizing that love, wisdom, truth—in their most absolute form as part of God’s essence (being)—are the creative energy that unleashes God’s creative essence. Love, truth, and wisdom are prerequisites of creation and all creative acts (whether known consciously or not). As our consciousness grows, we begin to realize which of our thoughts and actions arise from our ego/false-self or from a desire to express wisdom, love, and truth.

Knowledge, information, and experience, when properly aligned with God’s law, result in appropriate thought and action. Wisdom is seldom transmitted via a teaching or through an idea. Life experience that results in the embodiment of the lesson is a prerequisite for the development of wisdom within the consciousness of the person. Wisdom is then expressed in the right thought and the right action. Since right consciousness and right manifestation proceed from God, we understand that wisdom existed before all of creation. Wisdom exists before anything that is good and true can be expressed, and as a consequence, wisdom remains a dynamic aspect of God’s presence and being.


God of wisdom, love, and truth, may your presence and being inform us in every moment. We call on your holy name knowing that our consciousness of your creative power connects us with your purpose. May we be inspired by the many forms in which you manifest in this world. May we act with wisdom and patience in the face of the turmoil and fear we experience as part of this world. Help keep us steadfast in our purpose and faithful in our openness to everything that is given to us to teach us and prepare us for our engagement with each other and with you. Let us accept and surrender to your wisdom and let it guide us in every moment. May we be mindful that we reside inside of your love. It is through the example of Jesus Christ that we have learned how to acknowledge your presence, and in his name we give thanks. Amen.

From The Readings

2013-73 (I’ve been having lots of mucus in my throat after eating certain foods. I wake up in the middle of the night with trouble. There’s also pain and sensitivity in my left breast I’d like to know about.) We would have the body do the following: During a meditation session, sit alone in a chair. During your meditation you will visualize a part of yourself that knows your body and knows you. During this time you will ask this part of yourself the very same questions: Why is there mucus in the system? Why is there sensitivity on the left side of the body? This is important because there is a part of you that wishes to speak to you from your own experience and from your own awareness. It is in this process that you will learn what to do and how to overcome, not only these conditions, but other physical conditions that may arise in your life. You are seeking a way in this process to draw out, to help emerge, a part of you that is full of wisdom and understanding, and it is necessary that you begin this process. This is a part of your growth and you will feel much more freedom and empowerment. There are several things that you should include as part of this process: First, let the understanding flow into you. You may even write some of it down as you are sitting there. Try not to censor or edit what comes into you. Second: Just as you work with your dreams, take a part of what comes to you that feels comfortable and act on it. There is great wisdom to be gained in the application of what you know. The knowledge and wisdom gained through your experience will lead to new understanding, new experiences, and new wisdom. This process for you can be used for what you are experiencing physically but can also be part of your experience in dealing with work issues and other issues. Your soul, your body, your mind have great need for you to access this wisdom that you have, and that you should let develop and that you should value and make part of your process of inner guidance. (In a way, isn’t this what I do when I meditate? Yet, it hasn’t come through.) This is why we asked you to personify the other part of you, so that as everything comes through the mind in the subconscious, you will begin to form this part of your own being. This part of you exists. You are going to consciously help it emerge. You may ask for help in prayer, or even the prayer of Jeffrey; he can be present and sit with you in this process. (And is this different than my regular meditation or will it replace that?) This is something that you will do in addition to your regular meditation. There is no set time frame in which this will work. You may sit and call on this part of yourself with a short prayer, and in a few minutes get up and resume your work. We are seeking to give you a means by which your unconscious wisdom, that which is tucked away in other parts of your being, can emerge and become expressed in your life in a way that empowers you. You have done this in the past through trying to understand what feels right to you. This will help give that greater expression and you will see more aspects of this working in your life. And it will become more consciously available to you. You will be able to recall it, remember it, and use it.