Understanding Karma

Our actions, intentions, thoughts, and words all produce results within our being, within our spiritual system. Karma is the word frequently associated with this process of cause and effect. Another definition of karma is that a person shall reap whatever they sow. The process of cause and effect might be immediate—instant karma—or like the metaphor of sowing seeds, there is a period of incubation and the results appear much later. Sometimes the effect is quite different from what we might expect. Human behavior is easily conditioned, meaning that repetitive actions create patterns within our consciousness. These patterns, under certain circumstances can become unconscious. Playing a piano or musical instrument is a good example of this, where repetition results in the memorization of a song. The repetition becomes such a strong pattern that the musician can play the song without thinking, almost unconsciously. Unfortunately, this same human capacity can result in the unconscious repetition of harmful behavior. One might like to think that if we do something harmful, and then suffer harm in return, all karmic debts have been paid. But karma requires more than suffering. Karma requires us to reach a point of realization, a point of understanding, where our consciousness is changed and the conditioning is removed. The following readings explain how karma is associated with different levels of consciousness.

2014-121 It would be helpful to make a visual representation of the multi-dimensional or holographic conceptualization of the living system. One way to begin this representation is to remember the old globes that had rings that moved inside—one large ring showing latitude and longitude where the rings slid up and down on an axis that could be fixed like the tilted axis of the globe [see Figure 7]. Another way of visualizing or conceptualizing the living system is like a gyroscope—with different parts turning in different directions at different speeds. In this way you can get a representation of how the energy that flows from the chakras fills the living system.  

Figure 7. The Living System

Each sphere, or energy center, rotates on its own axis, independent of the other spheres.

When a person feels fear, the spheres line up in a way that can cause the individual to continue reliving the same fearful conditions. Until a person clears away the karma associated with the condition, the patterns are repeated. When the patterns are cleaned, the fields of energy flow evenly over the surface. 

Now if we are to think of scripts or patterns, karmic imprints on the system, they would be like grooves in the surface of the globe, where the energy travels in a circular direction; and the energy traveling in a system would tend to follow these patterns and would then manifest in the same way, such that the energy of anger frequently manifests the same way in a person no matter what the circumstances might be. The anger pattern of the individual is quickly recognized by those people around the individual who know the signs. The same is true for patterns generated by other behavior. They can become fixed patterns, the flow of energy, and so a person who loves or does loving things tends to do the same things over and over. When the patterns are cleaned from the system, where everything is new, the fields of energy flow more evenly over the surface and you have a situation that can look very similar to a rapidly spinning sphere, where the sphere seems to float, like a top seems to float above the surface upon which it is spinning. Now to go further, we should try to visualize concentric spheres—three dimensional representations of concentric circles—all of these within a system spinning in different directions, floating, because the energy flow between them is smooth and flowing. Now when the system is disturbed, it is like adding friction to the spinning spheres that slows it down, creates abrasions, and this energy system affects the body and can actually cause pain. In seeing these systems in a visual representation, it will make more sense than what was previously described, where the chakras work simultaneously—the three lower, the four higher. This is just another way that the external universe represents the inner space of the living system that you call the human being.

2014-122 The energy centers in the body can be activated by sound and physical vibration, but this process is a delicate process because if the karmic patterns are not understood and cleansed, then the activation of those energy centers causes the living system, the human being, to repeat the patterns that have been previously expressed; however, the activation of the energy causes the experience to feel more intense. This is why a person who first starts out on a spiritual path, a path of awareness, finds that their life falls apart rather than coming together— to use your language—so the activation of the energy just activates the same old patterns. This is why the energy centers are best activated in meditation and prayer, through the use of the ideal—the perfection of the highest forms of consciousness and awareness. In a sense, the ideal can hold and absorb the energy in a way that actually leads to a kind of patterning, but we must be careful in describing this process, because the pattern is actually patternless, meaning it is a holding and a forming around the energy so that the energy can be expressed uniformly. But since it is love that is part of the ideal of perfection, this mediates the energy and helps it find expression in ways that serve a higher purpose.

2014-123 When the Christ pattern, the ideal, is held in consciousness, the energy that comes from the systems, the spiritual systems, the chakras, which is connected with the life force that is God, the Christ pattern of openness and acceptance, in effect, burns away the patterns, the karmic patterns. A spiritual heat refines the spiritual energy in the body and the mind, in all of the ways that the life force is manifest in the material realm, such that the body becomes more spiritually refined and gradually is physically refined as well. At the highest levels (keep in mind that we are always speaking in relative terms so that the human mind can make the comparison) we would see a radiance in the physical body so strong that the body would be transfigured. It would appear to those around it as if it had been raised above the ground—the light so powerful and intense that the being’s physical manifestation might appear transparent, and when such light as the spiritual light of God manifests so strongly in the physical being, the glow produces a very orange and gold, a very warm light. This light and this energy, this vibration, occurs when there is almost perfect alignment between the energy fields in the body, the transmission of energy through the chakras on a physical level, but also when the purpose, intention, and motivation of the soul, the living being is completely aligned with God’s purpose. This radiance has a very slow pulse, a pulse that forms very slowly and looks and feels as if it swells within the person, and then ripples outward and often takes on the contours of the body, but as it expands, it becomes very circular and spherical in appearance. As we said previously, meditation and prayer are the best ways to activate the energy systems because they hold the ideal, and the holding can actually be sensed in a physical way. The physical aspect of the spiritualization of the body is confusing to the human mind. This is why the transfiguration of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus are so difficult for the human mind to comprehend. The eyes see what they have been trained not to see. The system becomes disturbed, and depending on the ability of the body and the living system to hold the ideal, there will be some level of confusion or agitation or fear that is manifest in those who witness this phenomenon.

2014-126 There is always turmoil, anxiety, fear, deep within those beings who have not learned to hold the Christ ideal, the highest ideal of consciousness and awareness within the person. And to hold this openness, you must remember that such beings are holding onto an idea; they are not holding the manifestation of a higher energy. The ideas that they are holding block the energy and block the flow of this higher consciousness. In this way, Jeffrey’s drawing of the intellect [Figure 3] is very important because it is at this lower level that the idea is held. Letting go of this when the energy is burning or activated at a high frequency is a fearful process for those who have not learned to be comfortable with the absence of an idea. They are fearful of encountering this energy without a preconceived notion of how it works or how it might work on them. This is why the human body sometimes manifests this energy through seizures or uncontrollable shaking or involuntary movement, and the constriction of the throat, the coughing—these things are manifest when the idea is sometimes held too strongly. There are those who hold this energy so tightly, where the fear is so great that the body becomes like armor, and the face becomes like a faceplate or a mask, hiding the inner condition of the person. And here is where you can see how masks have become functional in a spiritual and psychological manner, as representations of the inner fears that are being held or released, depending on the spiritual emergence of a person.