Understanding Consciousness

Consciousness is a dynamic, multi- dimensional, and holographic phenomena. The representations depicted here show how a human being is connected to and experiences higher levels of consciousness. There are limitations in using two-dimensional illustrations to depict the complexity of consciousness, however, human beings benefit from having a shared language with which to describe their experiences, even when language or our understanding falls short. Words such as “up,” “down,” “higher,” or “lower,” are used to describe the dynamic movement of components in functional relationship to each other, and as such, they are not “good” or “bad.” All aspects of consciousness are manifest for specific purposes of helping each individual function as a whole and complete being.

The images here have several components that build upon one central image: a series of concentric spheres (Figure 1) where the innermost sphere represents our awake mind, our material consciousness. The image shows several different levels of consciousness as if they are layered on top of the awake mind, but we must remember that the journey through the different levels of consciousness is actually a journey inward, not outward in a physical sense. The expansion of consciousness is also multi-dimensional so that we can also experience awareness from perspectives outside of the human body. Our awake consciousness is what we are the most familiar with because other than when we are sleeping or in an altered state of consciousness, we spend most of our time in this state of awareness. Our awake mind is just a tiny fraction of our full capacity for conscious awareness, and is a small part of who we truly are. Beyond the first sphere is a very deep and rich environment, represented by six additional spheres, culminating in the final or highest level, God consciousness. 

A simpler depiction of the different levels of consciousness is the “‘V’ Diagram” (Figure 2), with the bottom tip representing the awake mind, and the additional levels moving “up” from the bottom. The solid lines fade toward the ends to depict an openness, a fluidity, and a merging of boundaries between the consciousness of the individual and the consciousness of everyone and everything else that exists in the universe.