As you go, proclaim the good news, “The kingdom of heaven has come near.” (Matthew 10:7)

For Contemplation

Once we begin spiritual work, our lives take on an urgency. To live authentically, to speak truthfully, to act with compassion—all become essential to our relationships and essential to our work. Every moment, when we live contrary to the essentialness of authentic love and truth, can feel like a wasted moment, an opportunity lost. The relationships we have lose relevance for us if the exchange does not touch the deeper components of our being. When we recognize that others do not share truthfully with us, we feel the brokenness of human existence. When we fall short of giving of ourselves in the appropriate situation, we feel our own brokenness. If we are not careful, we get carried away by the feelings of urgency and act as if heaven is something far into the future. We begin to work in ways to make it come closer—and this actually pushes it farther away from us. The good news is that the moment of heaven continues to exist for us, and it resides very near to us even when we lose the ability to remember it. In our acknowledgment of heaven’s presence we can begin to feel its power again. When we slow down, when we act with patience, when we graciously accept the abundance of God in the present moment, heaven comes near again. We see, hear, and feel God’s love, and we reside again in the abundance of God’s heaven.


Heavenly God, we are in you, and you are in us. We live in the heaven of your love and abundance. Help us to recognize and remember the many ways you are manifest in our world and in our lives. When we are overcome by feelings of urgency that disrupt our awareness of you, help us to become calm enough to remember and acknowledge your presence. Help us to gather ourselves and hold ourselves in a way that welcomes your love and in turn expresses that love to the world. May we accept that the burden is light and that in you we receive rest, as Jesus has taught us through his example. Amen.

From The Readings

2012-80 We have said before, there is work that must be done before the next stages of life will become evident or manifest. The body, and the soul, and the mind of both Stelli and Jeffrey must be learning more patience. Look at these three areas when considering patience: physical impatience, mental impatience, spiritual impatience. Each must be understood separately and on its own before you can understand the relationship among the many parts. Take time to observe these changes within yourself.

2012-102 (I get confused about my work and whether to nurture it or these other things I want to do.) Is it so hard to nurture both? Is it so hard to see that your love and your intention and your purpose can be fulfilled in a variety of ways? As time goes on, all of your experiences will contribute to a development of your soul. You don’t want to hear to be patient, but these things take so little time once they become aligned, and this is your experience, and you know this. When you are given greater responsibility or offered greater responsibility, there always comes with it greater opportunity for the growth of the soul and the growth of the souls of those around you. For this reason, you should never feel bad about the choice and the choice that you make. Because you will be led; you will be led by the right love and the right intention; your purpose will come. You cannot lose it, evade it, or run away from it.