The Application of Love

There are many ways in which human beings approach God and God consciousness. Some will approach God through strength and some through weakness. Jesus has revealed this through the Beatitudes (Matthew 5). All human-derived law is shown to be subject to the interior condition of a human being where the love and intention of the person eventually reveals the inner condition. This is the fruit that is eventually harvested by the individual and revealed in the person. Some begin with faith and what they would describe as having the correct set of beliefs. Others would say that one approaches God through moral behavior. Still others would say that one must do “good works.” There are others who would say that scripture, or sacred texts, hold the key to God and God’s intention. These all represent formulaic approaches to God as if God will respond to a recipe and grant success, yet it is clear from the history of human endeavors that a single approach to God only reveals the extent to which religious behavior used in an attempt to coerce God or others eventually becomes folly. What text has been written that cannot be questioned with good reason? And by virtue of reason we know that all that is good and true comes from God. We know that God will not coerce us and God will not leave us subject to unreasonable requirements or demands, for these things would be coercion and a representation of what is true by what is false. What belief, when stubbornly held, has not ultimately become the very obstacle that prevents our understanding of God? What moral rule has been made that has not been questioned when it contradicts the value of human life? No formula can coerce God to act or to respond. God creates out of God’s own being. Love and truth cannot be separated from God’s being. Love, as part of the fabric of the universe, the structure of the universe, unites everything and this is grace. Grace, truth, love, God, all maintain us in freedom and contain the energy and potential that can only exist in freedom. This freedom means that God can be what God will be and God will be what is necessary for every human being, meeting that human being in the form necessary to reveal the true nature of reality, the essence of reality. God will exist and human beings will exist in freedom so that unconditional love can be expressed in ways that maintain freedom. Love is revealed in freedom. Freedom is not a passive state of being; it is dynamic, and as a consequence, love must be dynamic and must be expressed in order for consciousness to be revealed. God invites us into relationship with God’s being through all of creation, but especially through human beings. We see ourselves in others, we see God in others, and there is mutual recognition. We exist in a state of opportunity that has infinite ways of responding to and overcoming all forms of suffering. Each event contains the gift of purpose and has the potential to reveal that righteousness and justice exist in God. This righteousness and justice are found in forgiveness, and this forgiveness includes acceptance for all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. God is subject to God’s own order and process of love, and as a consequence of this, God moves dynamically in a way that maintains freedom, that also maintains human beings within freedom. In freedom our spirituality unfolds, the fullness of consciousness is revealed, through the expression, the application of love.

2015-030 There is a question about how consciousness expands or grows or is realized because consciousness already exists and is part of the fabric of the universe. So we are really talking about the opening of the mind or the releasing of the limits that have been imposed on consciousness by the mind. It is the application of love that reveals consciousness to the being. We say reveal because the consciousness already exists and is shown to the being. The being is absorbed into this consciousness. There is the part of the New Testament where Jesus says, “As you do these things”—meaning good things, feeding, clothing, caring, for the least, those that are marginalized or poor, in a material sense—when one does good things or offers help to those on the margin, then it is the same as doing this to God. The act of love comes when there is real human contact and a relationship is established. This is where consciousness is revealed. The consciousness of the giver and the receiver is exchanged by being in relationship with each other. There is the physical acknowledgment of presence, which is a correspondence to a spiritual acknowledgment of presence. Both the giver and the receiver are always present with each other; there is just the understanding that is missing. So we can see how a person who just gives money and then disappears without engaging in relationship does not really give with love. They just give in a material sense and they are able to retreat into their own world, their own constructed world, which is not an expansion of consciousness; it is retreating back into the limited consciousness created by the mind. So the application of love where all of the things that are learned are put into practice in relationship to another human being is what reveals consciousness. The feeling of consciousness is that it grows, or the feeling might be that it is discovered or revealed, but remember that it is always present. It is good to return to the description of something unfolding as a way of understanding the process.

2015-031 All of the preparation of the being—the meditation, the prayer, the dream work, the processing of symbols and archetypes, the opening of the channel between the awake mind and God consciousness—all of these things precede the ability of the being to enter into the loving relationship with another being. Now, by saying that they precede, you have to remember that they are not a requirement in the sense that the being understands how all of these things are present, because their presence is part of what is called “grace,” and the grace works like this: Human beings are thrown into relationship with each other in the material world. There is a dependence that already exists. There is a relationship that already exists. So the initial steps, or movement from one being to another, are possible through grace, meaning that God has prepared the path and made it available in the being. In the very first stages of recognizing freedom, the being makes a choice. When the choice is made out of love, with the intention of love, and the intention of truly being of service to another being, in this alignment the grace of what exists is revealed. The quality of this relationship depends on the consciousness of both individuals—each individual, according to their love, is able to express their intention, is able to express their own consciousness freely in the relationship. The specifics of how this occurs for each person are unique to the person and to the other person with whom they have the relationship. This is part of the discovery of life in the other person or in the other situation. All notions or understandings of what it means to help, or what it means to love, or what it means to be in freedom, are worked out in the relationship. These are where consciousness is discovered or revealed. This is why, as we have already described, some people can give without love and there is no gain in consciousness, but this is also why people can receive with no gain in consciousness. If there is not an understanding of how love plays a part in the process, then this is where resentment or arrogance or stubbornness get in the way of the giving and the receiving.

2015-032 So in writing or expressing the conclusion to The Revelation of God in a Human Being, it must be said that it is in the application of the love that is learned and understood, and the discovery of the capability of the person, the potential, the energy that exists within them, it is in the application of this knowledge, that consciousness unfolds and is revealed. Every incident or event in the life of Jesus can be seen and understood in the context of how love is present in that moment when there is healing or when there is a transformation that comes with the unfolding of consciousness.

2015-033 It is the essence or the natural state of being of all energy and love and truth that is God to be revealed and expressed. And it is through this revelation and expression that creation occurs. This creation, because it is made from God’s own substance, which is pure consciousness, energy, and potential, is a complete and authentic expression, or even what might be said, a complete reflection of what is true and good. It is love, and God. As this potential, this love and energy, is expressed in the material realm, that same consciousness is reflected, and this process continues at all levels of expression. Because there is this creation and creator, this consciousness uses the mind and the intellect to understand its proper relationship to its own source. But gazing directly on the appearance of God, the light, the energy, is so powerful and so strong, that it overwhelms the creation. In effect, the intellect and the mind look to the image of God in order to comprehend God. In the beginning, this consciousness exists and expresses itself in a unified state. There is the mother and the child. There is the child in relationship to all of creation to which it is born, and in this very early stage there is oneness. This oneness then progresses through a process of differentiation because of the information found in the environment of this seed of consciousness. This consciousness becomes trapped in the material. We have to be careful of the words that are used here because there can be so many judgments made about the nature of consciousness or the being that are harmful. The trapping of the consciousness in the material realm is a requirement that consciousness must overcome in its own expression, and hence is useful to awareness. The error that occurs is when those parts of consciousness that are useful in the material realm falsely identify the image of God as God, and then a process of creating a dualistic reality begins. The true relationship between things is distorted because there is a process of comparison to the image without an understating of the connection that exists between the ability to see with the being’s own true nature. The image and all other material forms become objectified as independent of one’s own being, and become separate and seen or experienced only through the senses, rather than through higher levels of consciousness.

2015-034 The path through the consciousness that is described in The Revelation of God in a Human Being is a process of the restoration of balance between information that is learned or acquired through the senses in the material realm, and understanding the true nature, the true essence of what is a spiritual universe or world. The mind and the intellect help process the information, but the mind and intellect must also learn that they deal with reflections, and must understand the illusory nature of a dualistic perception of reality. It is the journey through the different layers of consciousness that reveals the underlying unity between the energy and potential that exists in God, and how that is related to the expression of consciousness in all realms of creation. It is the journey through the different levels of consciousness that the balance between the different components of consciousness is restored. Each component of consciousness is understood and processes information in proper relation to the others. So the mind properly acquires information from the senses in the body. The intellect, both because it is connected to the higher consciousness and the mind, then helps the being see the proper relationship to the source of all creation with what is created. What is created is not only what comes through the energy and potential that is God, but also by the perception of the being. The perception has to be balanced with what is true, and the mind and the ego have to be understood so that these parts of the reflection do not become a filter of the truth or a perception of what is real. In a sense, all perception goes away when there is the merging of the consciousness between the creator and what has been created or what has unfolded so that they become one and are no longer perceived to be separate. All of the content of the lower levels of consciousness, when not properly understood, become objects that reinforce the duality rather than the oneness. It is the journey through the process of revelation that oneness, rather than duality, is reestablished. The being learns about the components of consciousness so that they can observe how each element of consciousness functions. And once the beginning of an understanding of oneness occurs, then there is a process of acceptance that is the journey toward oneness. All of the components of consciousness that were previously understood to be negative or bad or separate are integrated in such a way as to become a reflection of what we will call true reality, only to distinguish it from the reality that is constructed from lower levels of consciousness.

2015-035 The ideal and the purpose of the person, when aligned with the perfection of God and the perfect expression of love, these are the things that higher levels of consciousness use so that lower level forms can be seen in their true state of being, which is something less than perfection, because it is not wholly understood. It should begin to become evident that lack of perfection is a lack of wholeness, where the being sees things, meaning objects in its consciousness, as whole when they are not whole. Only one side of their expression is seen and they are therefore incomplete. So to choose an extreme example, the evil person perceived by a being in the material realm is both an expression and an understanding of an incomplete being. So the fragments of reality are judged by the dualistic mind according to fear or many other ways of perceiving an incomplete picture of reality. The illusion created by the mind that does not understand its spiritual nature, then takes these fragments and lines them up in opposition to each other, and on both sides of the line of demarcation, we have incomplete fragments, incomplete information that is then pieced together to construct a reality usually based on the selfish needs of the being’s false understanding of self. Selfish because the being does not understand its own true nature and sees itself as separate from God.

2015-036 There is a tendency of the human being on a spiritual path to construct a formula that says, “This part goes here in slot number 1. This part goes here in slot number 2.” and they create these slots for the mind, for the intellect or intuition or imagination, and this becomes a formula for success, for realization. But you must guard against this type of understanding, and this is where the idea of connecting the dots is sometimes less than useful. Each human being connects the dots within themselves, sometimes in very unique ways that become another form of expression of consciousness. The formula gets in the way of this free expression, such that it is possible to say too much in the book, The Revelation of God in a Human Being.

2015-037 The alignment of all the components of consciousness within the being is not the same for every human being; however there are certain aspects of reality that function according to divine order, these being the many forms of love and truth, such that love of God and truth come first. Love of neighbor comes second. Love of creation, which is the recognition of God in the neighbor and as truth comes third. And then finally, the love of self, because there is the acknowledgment that one’s own being is the expression of this same order. Here we have everything tied together, meaning that the God within the person recognizes that God is present in all levels of creation, and that the perfect expression of this is the perfect expression of love. This ordering is expressed in the being, but the being having freedom to choose and the multiple experiences that are part of the learning create a very unique event and consciousness. This event is part of the multitude of unique events contained within the potential that is God. If there were a formula of understanding that everyone could use, the attempt would be to create uniformity or sameness, and the multifaceted beauty and diversity within God would not be expressed. This is why the acceptance of diversity and diverse paths is so essential to understanding God, because this is a key element of beauty, the expression of beauty, in creation. Each human being, as it understands the components of consciousness and its own role in making choices as co-creators with God, becomes a part of the complete system. But as we have just said, there has to be an awareness of the variety, the potential, the capability that exists within the person, for this to occur. Once there is the acceptance, and the openness within the person, then the perfect expression of love between all expressions of consciousness and awareness is realized. When this expression of love is realized, all of the dualism and the ignorance that creates suffering dissolves.