Stage Seven: Oneness with God

In Stage Seven, oneness with God, we are free from all social and cultural conditioning and are functioning from a place of unconditional love and surrender to God’s will. Our love mirrors the mutuality of God’s love. We embody forgiveness and maintain the correct relationship to God and others. As a liberated human being, freedom is understood on all levels of human existence. We have compassion for all beings and live without attempting to control or manipulate others.

We arrive at places and events with the capacity to meet the spiritual need of the moment. Life events and personal encounters are synchronistic with our purpose, and our work is done to benefit the emergence of spiritual wholeness in all beings. Our life of purpose and the purpose of creation are integrated.

While living in this higher stage of consciousness, we can relate to all levels of consciousness properly, and we know how they should be expressed in the moment. We understand suffering and its role in human development. We are aware of the many facets of human beings, the conscious and unconscious, the light and the dark. We live without expectations from others, from God, or any aspect of existence. We know the ultimate destiny of a human life as it is expressed physically and spiritually. In fulfilling our purpose, regardless of the circumstances, we know happiness, where it comes from, and how it is experienced.

If we are in Stage Seven:

  • We experience liberation of consciousness from all forms of confinement: emotional experiences, psychological phenomena, conceptual knowledge, and all other mental, intellectual and ego- centered states of consciousness.
  • All conditioning, imprints, or patterns that have become latent and would limit consciousness, awareness, or the highest expression of these have been “burned” away.
  • God-realization and self-realization are mutual and fully aligned inside the consciousness of the human being. Subject and object become one; God and the person become one consciousness.
  • Inside the one consciousness, little conscious differentiation exists, only sufficient to remain in proper relation to God, other persons and experience—all the time keeping individual consciousness subordinate to divine consciousness. The oneness of God is reaffirmed at all levels of being.
  • Life proceeds in a synchronistic way with a natural effortless flow.
  • All life purpose related to the incarnation of the body has been fulfilled.
  • Final liberation, from all earth and forms of gross material existence and the related confinements, occurs in surrender to the transition that appears to us as death.
  • Devotion is a process of mutual love in all aspects of life: material, time, the psychological, and the spiritual.
  • Faith is fully embodied in the person such that it is expressed through love as a state of being.
  • There is no fear, only acceptance and love.

From The Readings

2012-76 And we have the understanding that God passes through all things and is particularly close to Jeffrey and to you. You will be so connected that it will be as if life is passing by you, around you, through you. It is a delicate balance between the world that you see and the world that exists beyond what you see. Jeffrey will see glimpses of light. They will be like little tears in the fabric that is the veil that separates these worlds, these universes. And you will see how the prophets have seen: those terrible visions of God, fiery wheels, faces that are made like gems of precious stones. The colors are exceedingly bright and distinct once the veil has been lifted. Some are translucent; some are white hot. These visions come in the manner that you see because the human mind cannot grasp the complexity that is the energy in every dimension. This is why we can say that everything is consciousness. But in the earth plane, what you see in the material world is like an inert form of consciousness or energy. But we must make the distinction that the word “energy” implies something active, but not necessarily with any awareness or consciousness. So an inert form of consciousness, a denser, less aware form of consciousness, appears as something solid and harder. But it is consciousness nonetheless. And through our crude means of measuring in the earth plane, this consciousness seems like solid matter without life.

2012-78 There is a warning we wish to give about the change in his consciousness. He will feel from time to time as if he is drifting out of his body, much the same way he felt as a young child when he would lie down and would feel as if his feet were up in the air. This warning is not because he will feel like he is being carried away; he doesn’t have to fear he won’t be able to function around other people; this is an experience he will have while he is learning to tame the energy that is flowing through his body in a different way. This energy enters the body behind the chest, between the shoulder blades. It lights the spine from the base up into the atlas and axis in the neck. The energy of these channels in the body can be translated, just as transmitted to Jeffrey many times and in many lives. There was the concern that he would reach this stage of life in this life. For in other lives, upon reaching or approaching this stage, he has passed from the earth plane. So we can see subconscious fear that exists with the coming of this energy. It is possible that he will not be able to function for short periods in normal activities. Do not be concerned. These will pass, usually within 24 hours. These are not things that can be spoken of easily. There are so few who experience this in the earth plane. There is a reason for this learning. The ego must be held in check, and the soul must learn to hold this power and the potential for this power without highlighting any achievement or gain that might be measured in earthly terms.

2012-104 There are two things that every soul must realize after being born into the world. The first is that God is inside of them; that God is a source of life and love. The second thing is that the soul must overcome, must see and then overcome, all of the illusions that exist in the world. Once this is understood, along with the realization of God, the soul’s true purpose emerges. Once these two things are known and understood, then the information, the truth, the knowledge that is inside of a person is cleaned and all distortion is removed. Some people call the moment when this occurs the “light” or “enlightenment.” This state of being is very small in the beginning, but it grows to encompass all areas of life. In the beginning there are moments of happiness that later become fully realized. And a person can go about in the world with the same mindfulness, the same consciousness and awareness that has been realized during meditation. The world will not look any different, but the soul will know that it is different from all of the people, the objects around it. In the beginning a soul will feel like it does not belong, but this will gradually change. And as the purpose is lived and realized, at the same time the soul will feel that it is at home because it is resting completely inside of God’s love, God’s awareness and consciousness. The soul, when it is in this state, will know how to recognize others who have reached the same level of awareness.

2013-132 Now I am here to talk to you about the highest stage of human consciousness. There is much confusion about the most elevated forms of consciousness. There is also much confusion about the destiny of humankind in the material world. I’m going to make some generalizations for the sake of illustrating the confusion about the destiny of humans and the material world. One group would say that God will come again and create the Kingdom of God in the world. Another group would say that the goal of spiritual evolution is to leave the world and be united with God. In a way, or in a sense, both are true. For those who would leave the world, the evolution of consciousness seems so distant from the more elementary forms of consciousness, such that in their understanding, they do not see the material world as a natural habitat for the highest levels of consciousness; but in this they are mistaken. Then there are those who see God come into the world in some future apocalyptic date, but this also is in error. As we have taught you and have said to you, God is present; that eternity is a state of being, not a chronological measure of time. And we are saying this to help unite in Jeffrey these two steams of consciousness. In a way, he is like a hybrid: Part of him longs so deeply for union with God, and then another part of him knows and sees, looks out on the world, and loves this part of his life in such a way that he knows God is present now. There is some wisdom in being in the world but not of the world. But like so many spiritual understandings, what is happening cannot be perfectly captured by the words. In a world where the language and the consciousness function in dualistic patterns, to some degree, unity or oneness will be overlooked or obscured. This is why part of the revelation of Swedenborg resonated so strongly for Jeffrey. The idea, as it was expressed by Suzuki [1996] so precisely—that “this fork exists in heaven right now”—this is such a powerful understanding. What the human mind experiences as movement into or out of something, the movement of consciousness, where one experiences consciousness where it was not seen before, like in a newborn human being. Or what appears as a departure of consciousness, like the death of a human being, these are only snapshots, like photographs of the material mind. In the highest forms of consciousness, in the highest form of consciousness that Jeffrey describes as union with God, it is a description of consciousness as consciousness already exists. By this I mean to say that the highest form of consciousness, though it may appear nonexistent or hidden, is always present. This is why human beings can see in moments of extreme crisis the most pure love and the most pure acts of unselfishness. Human beings can become so absorbed in this highest form of consciousness in the moment that they can be swiftly absorbed into the mind, or to the eternal presence, of God. I might also say that this universal longing, misdirected, is the cause, the unconscious cause, of crisis in the world. But we will talk about that more at another time. Here and now, we are talking about what Jeffrey calls the Seventh Stage of Spiritual Growth and Development. For those who are trying to understand, we have to use paradox because of the dualistic mind. This is why some would say that it cannot be described, or that it can only be described by what it is not. If we return to the idea just previously expressed, of leaving the world to understand this consciousness, or of this consciousness coming into the world, the paradox is the understanding of this movement as being uni-directional. So we have to say that it moves in both directions as a means of saying that it is already present. We have to say that God will come in the future when we sit on one side of consciousness, and then turn around when we sit on the other side and say God is already here. So in someone like Jesus, we say that God has been revealed through his presence, or has been born into the world, because in the moment we are describing the presence of God’s consciousness emerging as it appears to emerge, not as it is already present. When we talk about the second coming of Jesus, that point in the future, remembering that time is an artificial measurement, you might say that we are speaking from that stage of consciousness where we understand that the consciousness of God exists. But because we are limited in our perception, we can only understand it as a future event. So if we will look now at Jeffrey’s Seven Stages of Spiritual Development, we might say that in one sense, there is one stage of development, meaning that we can see God as present or we can see God as coming in the future. And the different forms of spirituality in the world can sometimes find themselves lining up only on one side of this understanding. When a human being has stepped into that highest form of consciousness, the world does indeed appear strange and in some ways feel unfriendly. But this is just the early moments of the higher stages of consciousness. Because we must always remember that everything exists within God, and therefore, exists within the highest form of consciousness. Part of the understanding and part of what you and Jeffrey experience at this point in time, is the simultaneous expression or experience of both stages. Some spiritual writers, some that you have already read, have described this for you and the words they chose to use were something like this: there is a burning away of all that is not essential, there is a dissolving of the dross, the excess, the material, and the emergence of the purely spiritual; there is the refining of the soul; there is the vastation of the being; there is the filling with the universal mind. All of these different ways of describing the process of change are valid and represent this process in human beings. What has been called Christ-consciousness, universal mind, God-consciousness, cosmic consciousness—all of these descriptions are expressions trying to describe the experience of the individual moving into this most elevated stage of awareness and consciousness. This state of consciousness, though it can be described and talked about, is not a state of consciousness that resides in the intellectual capacity of a human being. This state of being, this state of consciousness, is primarily a stage of experience of eternity—a unity and oneness of God. There will be some value for Jeffrey in seeking words to describe how this consciousness might be manifest in the material plane. Because as we have said, every plane of existence exists within the consciousness of God. But because God, to the human mind, is so transcendent and infinite, there has to be an understanding that the ways of expression are also infinite, and yet some are also transcendent and beyond the capacity of the human mind to intellectualize or describe. To some extent, the final stage of Jeffrey’s book will run into this obstacle, in describing, using dualistic language, the oneness of God. He should not be discouraged. In just a short time ahead this work for him will be completed and new work will come. As he continues his journey, it is important for you and for him to know that on this journey, wherever you are taken, you will already be home. And we would like to say to you that you can turn around your understanding of where you are just in the same way that there is the side of consciousness of God that says God is present, and then another side that says that God will come. You can also understand that you do not have a home in this world, but also that any place you find yourself in this world, you are at home.

2013-133 Now, you must become more comfortable because it is inevitable that you will be comfortable, that your purpose is the elevation of the consciousness and the well-being, the wholeness, of every human being. You know that the first step in this process is the spiritual work that you would describe as your own personal growth in awareness. This personal growth of awareness and the help that you can offer to others can be described in simple terms as being fully present, consciously aware, and giving witness to this in your own life. I am not describing a process of proselytizing. I’m simply talking about being a loving presence with compassion for everything, even the material world. It may seem impossible that everything could be true, that you should love the world, that you should have dominion over the world, that you should love God and love other worlds, this place that you call “heaven,” this commonwealth of God; it may seem impossible that you can love it and then transcend it. Or that you can be transcendent and then be in the world, but all these things are possible, and you will find them all to be true. The danger is in believing that only one or two are true.

2013-134 So now we come to a quality of a highest stage of consciousness that up to this point in time is understood in a material way. As science moves toward an understanding of the physical properties of the universe, there will be the understanding of all of the material creation or existence, if you chose to use “existence” and not the word “creation”— the understanding that all of matter and energy, which do come from one source, the oneness of God, all this exists eternally in a state of potential. This potential is so active and responsive that it changes in the presence of consciousness. Again we have a paradox because we know that this consciousness already exists, so what is the change that occurs when the human consciousness or awareness tries to focus or understand this potential? It is this intersection of science and consciousness that human beings, though limited in their abilities and understanding, become and can become co-creators. Though science, or maybe we should say scientists, do not like the language of creation. They prefer the language of potential. Change as it is experienced in the universe is best understood as creativity or creation in the human mind. So we have the paradox of language and science— creation and potential—two forms of consciousness that are within a larger, more transcendent consciousness, combining in ways to create, to understand. And as science knows, these forms of consciousness and energy, though seemingly different, though they appear as particles and waves, and the ways that they are measured or experienced—they all come from one source.

2013-135 When you reach into the highest stage of development and consciousness, the awareness of God becomes an awareness of this potential, this cosmic mix of change, creation, destruction, change of form, change of different states of being, different states of physical matter. And we begin to see why some ancient descriptions of God that seem so contemporary to science, are relevant, because they describe a cosmic process that is cyclical and always changing form. The different forms represent different forms of the expression of consciousness, all occurring within the consciousness of God, and this is why some spiritual masters have described creation as the dream of God.