Stage Five: Recognizing Our Identity

Stage Five is dependent on a conscious turn toward seeking a spiritual understanding of life. Significant changes in our being accelerate during this stage. The world suddenly becomes neutral and we can observe the drama of the world playing out in our lives and for the people around us. We recognize that the magnitude of events is directly proportional to the fears and attachments that we can identify in ourselves. Events in our lives become synchronistic and beneficial. Experiences, which at first seem negative, are seen in a new context even when we do not see how they will turn toward wholeness. The most intimate spiritual part of ourselves is recognized as coming from God, connected to God, and is the source of our life and love. All human situations and relationships are seen in a spiritual context. What we previously considered harmful events are understood in the context of our own weaknesses, and we see them come to us to serve a higher good in our spiritual development. Our relationship to God, to the divine, is finally understood in the context of a mutuality where we give and receive through God to others and to ourselves. Our internal sense of authority and our access to spiritual knowledge become independent of external authorities and authority structures. Not only do we see these things, our awareness and consciousness are experienced as powerful conduits of energy and power available to help us do selfless works for the benefit of those in need. We intuitively sense the needs and desires of others and we surrender to a higher form of discernment that integrates love, truth, and freedom in our thoughts and behavior. Our faith becomes an attitude and understanding working in cooperation with divine laws. Our spiritual practices become more devotional and our longings are understood in the greater context of longing for union with all that is good and true, God. This mystical union is seen and understood in the context of all of our relationships: to each other, to God, to the world. This mutuality leads us to an understanding of what it means to be in a community of accountability. This community, which is of a similar consciousness and awareness, is able to speak the truth to us and help us avoid self-centric problems. Our relationships within the community mirror our relationship to God.

If we are in Stage Five:

  • Episodes of transpersonal consciousness (transpersonal in the sense of a consciousness beyond our own) occur where our experience and our awareness of the experience are simultaneous.
  • We experience continuous events of purposeful synchronicity.
  • We can sometimes observe ourselves and the world without attachment to the drama of the people and events around us.
  • We can recognize some experiences as neutral events that do not require evaluation.
  • We recognize our identity is intimately connected to God and cannot exist independently of God.
  • The mind, the will, the ego, our intelligence all function together at a high level of harmony, and we sense their purpose and role in human consciousness.
  • Our understanding of universal law retains flexibility in the face of complex human situations and difficulties. Diversity becomes a more accurate representation of God, and unity is understood in a transcendent context where we see and observe larger patterns in life.
  • Devotion to God helps us recognize that we have a mutual relationship with the divine—giving and receiving in like manner.
  • Faith—both the attitude and understanding—is rooted in independence from external authority.
  • We seek out and participate in communities of accountability that match our own sense of purpose.

From The Readings

2011-104 For most people, it is the ego that wants to define the world in which you live. This is very tricky because the ego can do such nice things. It can motivate to do all manner of nice things. It is difficult to understand when the motivation comes from a more complete part of the soul. The normal person has these two sources intermingled throughout the day. But the not-normal person, the person who seeks God’s will, can immediately feel a vacuum, like a power vacuum. The response is so instantaneous that the absence of the ego feels like abandonment. One might experience this as a feeling of lightness. Sometimes one becomes disoriented and must be grounded. The only way to learn what is ruling the body and the mind and the soul is to learn through experience. These things sometimes happen and the life lesson is easy to see. Sometimes it takes years for the lesson of the experience to become known. So often it is pain that teaches. But there is not a need for pain to be the teacher. One can learn through the application of oneself through a practice of prayer and meditation. When this occurs, the experiences are much more subtle.

2012-117 Right now you live and travel in places ruled by fear. This is part of the journey of everyone on the earth. And this is why those with fear are especially afraid of those who show no fear. Do not be afraid of your life, what you have or what you don't have. You do have choices, but there is so much that you do not control. This is the only way, the only circumstance in which human beings can be made to look at their inner condition. If you want to say that suffering has a purpose, this is the purpose. Like many spiritual truths, what is seen as visible has an invisible cause. It is important to learn through wisdom and experience that all causes of suffering are rooted in the false self. The primary attribute or quality of the false self is selfishness. An important distinction must be understood, and that is that self-love and self-care in their highest forms are not selfish. All work in the material world has the potential to be unselfish. All work can be a direct expression of love, a manifestation of love.

2012-138 For Jeffrey, it is hard to express what is in your heart because what is in your heart is a knowledge and a memory of the Christ. You get tired of speaking the words that were spoken or of hearing what others have said about the words that were spoken because so many layers of ideas, of thoughts, of culture, have all been placed like a cover over the life and ministry of Jesus. It is true that you must use your intuition and/or inner experience in order to find the truth, and this will make a big difference for your life. But you must realize that there are so few people who can access this part of their being, and connect to the inner experience that is part of the process of transformation. To find people who resonate with this experience requires that you speak much more directly. And by doing so, bring to the surface the real motivation and intention of those who claim to speak on behalf of the Christ. As you already suspect, many of these motives and intentions are quite selfish. And it is true that you fear this yourself. But you also fear not being good enough to communicate and embody the true message of the Christ. So few overcome this fear, but do not let this deter you from speaking out and continuing to speak. Your words are going to provoke those who hold the wrong intention. You sometimes worry about telling people what to do. Sometimes when you do tell people what to do, you do not always connect the knowledge with your experience so that they can see how the knowledge and the experience fit together. But you can offer your knowledge. You can offer your understanding and let them choose.

2012-139 There is so much that you want to know. Where should you be? What should you be doing? These things, in this moment, are dependent upon what your willingness is to do the work that is set before you. You’re at a time of great transition. And sitting next to you, Stelli, a person of great energy and direction—she’s like a sprinter in the starting blocks: waiting to run the race. There will be times when you carry the energy of your journey forward, and there will be times when Stelli carries this forward. You will find that we always have something very similar to say to you both: that you must be patient, but that you must also take the step, the very next step in front of you. You will soon realize the change. You have tried to understand the signs, the evidence of your life—as if you could read the patterns in the world and follow the pattern that most closely matches what you want. You should know by now that this is not your path: to follow signs or to seek confirmation outside of yourself. Your path is more difficult to discern because it does not depend on outward signs. It depends on your inner direction, your purpose, and your love. Up to now we might say that your purpose has been closely connected to your own journey, to your own realization of God in the moment. You have found this and you intuitively know that it has been embodied in the path that Jesus walked and lived. So you have put great effort into your own path and your own awakening, and you have been awakened. But your new purpose, which has always been present for you, is a little bit like a newborn child, breathing the air of this world for the first time. The oxygen in the lungs burns a little bit. It hurts a little bit. It feels very raw and tender. And that is why you feel vulnerable and tender. Your purpose is slowly transitioning from your own realization of God and Christ to that which has been anointed, that which is known as God among us, to a new purpose of this same realization in other human beings. It is sometimes easier for you to speak in general terms. You can say, without hesitation, that you can help people deepen their spiritual practice, but that’s only going part of the way. It is really a much larger perspective. You are helping them realize God in their own lives. God manifest in their own lives. God present in their lives. Many of the people you work with will use this kind of language, though at the same time you know that part of this realization is a self-realization connected to the understanding of the true self as being one with God. This is not a small task even though this task is accomplished one person at a time. The realization of God in one’s life can be instantaneous, or it can occur gradually over a long period of time. But it is important to know all of the outward signs that you see now, that you can understand now, based on your own experience. This responsibility is too great for some people. They cannot make the transition in understanding that God is present in themselves. They would rather continue to see God as outside themselves. Try to remember that you are not responsible for this, that every person is responsible for his or her own self-realization.

2012-142 There is new patience and new equilibrium in the life that you’re living. And, in spite of what you feel from time to time, there is progress in all areas—there is movement toward greater light and greater purpose. You will find that you do not need as much in the month and the year ahead. This will be a time of consolidation, a time of growth, but also a time of being solidly grounded in who you are and how to live your purpose. There is a need for stability for the present. There is sometimes a tendency to look for more right away once you have reached a certain level. Now it is time to consolidate all of the changes and make sure that they are being dedicated to the purpose, the purpose for which you came.

2012-196 You must learn to distinguish between a desire to learn and a desire to change; and how the desire to learn can be used to reinforce a true desire to remain the same. Are you ready for that? You will come to value people in different ways, and yet at the same time, recognize human limitation and recognize your own limitation. As you know, the ability to be self-reflective, the ability to know and understand your own intentions, the ability to see your own motivation, are psychologically complex and difficult.

2012-212 It is in your heart that you recognize what happens with Jeffrey. This is connected with you and through you from the very beginning of your life. It is like having a large antenna that receives a signal from God; and what you have done is you have transmitted that same strong love to Jeffrey, and what comes through him is nurtured by your love. Both of you feel as though the life you live would not be possible without the other. And this may appear to be true to you based on your experience in this life, but don’t forget that your knowledge and your wisdom are the product of many lives, many learnings, many experiences, and you cannot help but be who you are in this life according to all that was put together and built through your faith and through your love previously.

2012-213 There are times the journey will seem difficult, like riding a roller coaster up and down. There are moments when you feel the freedom of going down hill, where you don’t even feel like you have to make any effort. And there are moments when you climb up and you feel like you’re having to pull everything and everyone up along with you. That is part of the learning of this life.