Stage Six: Embodied Spirituality

During Stage Six, we experience an embodied form of spirituality. Our thoughts and actions are aligned with our intentions and we are able to surrender to God’s will. As we move through the world, we keep with us a deep, continuous experience of loving and being loved, a desire for truth, and a longing for others to experience the same grace. All that is truly good seems to come from a reservoir deep inside of us that spontaneously arrives at the time of need. Our spiritual devotions are embodied in our daily tasks, and they nourish our moments in meditation and prayer. This state of embodied spirituality does not depart from us as we engage other people and situations throughout the day. Our awareness of the presence of God is continuous, and our experience is like a casual conversation that initiates awe and wonder within us at the complexity and unity present within God.

If we are in Stage Six:

  • We experience episodes of spiritual union and oneness with God.
  • Surrender, grace, truth, freedom, and love are no longer confined to the mental and psychological realm. We feel them, experience them, and embody them in thought and action.
  • All components of our being (intelligence, will, ego, mind) are functioning in harmony and evolving toward the highest levels of awareness and consciousness.
  • We experience eternity as a state of being independent of chronological time.
  • Faith becomes an attitude and perspective that we realize in process with other human beings on a spiritual journey.
  • Devotion extends beyond communal and personal ritual practices and is embodied in everyday tasks and practices.
  • Faith is generated by our internal state of being.

From The Readings

2011-120 It is important to remember that the light of God, the light of Christ, is the light that enlightens every human being. There are important voices in the world that are restating this principle, this event, for it truly is an event in the life of every human being. In that sense it is trans-historical, beyond history as we understand it. And there are points of light. Some of them are created by God and some by human beings—all with the energy and love of God as their source. These are the kinds of things that will shine through in your work. It is the small things that you will do that will make the difference. Remember that while you may do some big things for your work, where there may be big events and big plans, it is in the small things—the way people are treated, the way people are listened to, the way that you provide an opportunity for someone to express love—these will be remembered, and these will be the things that are trusted in the days ahead. Do you understand? (I think so.) So while you may spend energy working on big plans or important projects, don’t let those overshadow your commitment to doing the small things, the little things, the work that makes people feel special, the work that recognizes the value of every single human being. (Okay.) Remember that all of these things are seeds being planted for bigger things later. Don’t mistake the things now to be the big things. The big things will be coming later.

2012-77 We are training Jeffrey, and he is fascinated and pulling in so many stories about Jesus. There are dimensions to his existence, and Jeffrey’s devotion is a special kind of devotion: It has a capacity to see the universal that can be found within Jesus Christ. There will be a period of study. And for Jeffrey, he must not be afraid to incorporate his sermon materials into his blog. There is much to learn and write. Be patient. It will come. Sit down to write from time to time. This will be rewarded.

2012-90 If I would say one thing to you, for you to remember most clearly, it is that change will happen whether you are patient or not. You may accelerate this change or you may slow the change. This has to do with the intention of each step along the path of change. The higher, more pure the change and intention, the faster the change will occur. The intention has to become the part of the being. The right intention, the right understanding has to be part of the being; otherwise, change will be temporary and will dissipate.

2012-173 You will find yourselves joyfully surprised at the mystical reality that will manifest itself in the classes that you are going to teach, but it is important to remember that it is not what you teach that will bring about this powerful substance. It will be your presence, your surrender, your acceptance, your willingness to know that who you are right now in this moment. This is what you need.

2012-216 We have many things happening inside the heart of Stelli and Jeffrey. Trust that these things are moving as they should. You can trust that they will lead to transition and change, but the change and the transition does not come until all things are fulfilled in each moment and purpose, each place of purpose for Stelli and Jeff. You are beginning to see and feel the lightness that will come. You are beginning to see and feel and appreciate the relationships that are being formed. It is true that everything is in front of you, everything is present, and your understanding that this is always where your purpose can be found is one of the most powerful understandings a person may have that can be played out many different ways. Because each moment, each encounter, each relationship carries within it a myriad of opportunities for expression, for care, for love, for presence.

2012-221 Both bodies, the body of Stelli and the body of Jeff, exist in a state of transition. This is the reason for the physical discomfort. These are always spiritual processes, especially present when the mind and heart are so carefully attuned to higher spiritual energies. Don’t be afraid of this, but also be careful in monitoring the health and the changes that come over time with the human body.

2012-247 (I’m not feeling very good about my work. I would like to change something about it, but I’m not sure what or what steps to take. Should I just keep plugging along or apply to another company?) At present there is a disconnect from the work. This can change, but it is important that the cart doesn’t get ahead of the horse, to use an image you can understand. It is true that you feel and anticipate change, but there is also the process of moving toward that change. In the beginning, once the change is understood to be coming, the human mind begins to attempt to conceptualize that change. It is in the process of conceptualizing that change that one becomes detached or disconnected from the work. This can be confusing because the desire for the change and the concept for the change can feel so desirable and so ideal. There is a danger in getting lost in the desire for change. Do you see the wording we choose? There is much work for you and Jeffrey in the moment, in the present, step by step—there is a consciousness associated with each step. There is a consciousness that must be understood in relation to your inner life. The danger is in the misidentification of one’s being and one’s purpose. One can become dangerously attached to the concept rather than the reality. At present for Jeffrey and Stelli, the present work is intended to help in the process of developing will and concentration: the ability to work with distraction, to go through and beyond the distraction of the world, because there will always be distraction in the world. At present you have the intention of your work, the desirability of your work. The fulfillment of this work is essential to make the next step. Any failure to fully realize the purpose of the present work has difficult consequences for any future work. Realize that you are the creator of the circumstances of your work. Realize that the meaning and the intention, the ability of your work to carry that meaning and intention, is a product of your own intention and motivation, your own ability to manifest love and truth. These things need and must be done in the present work situations for both of you. As much as both of you would like to skip beyond your present situation, this is not really possible in the sense of its relationship to the development of your consciousness and awareness. We see the soul having two modes of work: the physical work, and the spiritual or soul work. These must be integrated in any type of work for you to be of help to others and their work in the world. This is the basis from which you will be able to relate to them, to speak their language, to be understandable to them, to be an example to them. Any honest work with good intention is of great value, and even though the material world will never reach perfection, the principles of creation, of building, the value in loving, the understanding of growth and development of consciousness and awareness, as they are learned in this world, this material world, what is learned and gained—are useful and are translated into love and action in other worlds. It is important that you trust what is in front of you right now. Trying to move too quickly beyond this trust, you will not understand why it can be trusted and what should be trusted. This relates to the work itself and to the people you encounter.

2013-40 You have laid the framework and the groundwork for choosing a place to live, and you have traveled on a path in which we have asked you to seek what seems to be counterintuitive. And now you can see that sometimes you must look in directions that do not always show what you expect or want. For Jeffrey, we have to use the images that he learned in business to describe this so he can understand. There are two kinds of businesses: those that pursue a market and those that create a market. Those that create a market own the market, break new ground, create products that then become desirable to those who see the value and see the utility of the product. We’re asking Jeffrey to see his spirituality in the same way. To seek inside of a market that already exists does not acknowledge all of the needs that are not served by that market. To seek those with spiritual needs, be wary of seeking in places that already have a form of expression. What you are doing is new and it is different. And even though it is not fully formed inside of you or in the world, it can achieve form. Be open to ways this group may come together, where it might meet, and who might attend. All of the normal rules, the conventional wisdom, will not apply. Don’t be afraid to do something that’s like coloring outside the lines. It is also important not to rush into this with expectations—not with the expectation that you will be paid; that you will be understood; that it will go quickly or slowly. We are asking you to do your very best to be true to who you are. Respond to those who come to you and live without expectation.

2013-43 Now we must say, you have been such excellent students of the wisdom we have given. Even when your internal thoughts and responses, the old patterns, have tried to carry you, you have held steady and you have seen how the world can meet you and how the world can be synchronistic for you. You have been blessed because you have been a blessing to those around you. We hope that you can learn to rest in this blessing and rest and be renewed in this love. You try so hard and we want you to know that all the love that you feel and all that you have been given will always be returned to you many-fold.

2013-45 Now we must address Jeffrey, and this understanding of who he is and what he’s doing—the “how” and the “why.” First we speak of the “why.” The soul is going forward on its journey. It is growing and learning—learning how to become a co-creator, learning how to be fully aligned with God’s love and being in the world. You must understand that this does not have a clearly defined form. It cannot be measured; it cannot be described in terms of any earthly institution or role. Yet within those roles or in those institutions or systems, who you are and what you can be can be expressed with complete freedom. Sometimes this freedom is expressed by saying “yes” to opportunities; sometimes this freedom is expressed by saying “no” and by expressing your desire for change, and this is where you will find yourself most often. At the same time, don’t be caught up or feel left out because you’re not in roles that are so clearly defined by the world.

2013-49 (When Jeffrey is given opportunities like the one in TX, should he consider them or stay with this new path he’s on?) He will not be able to avoid doing the work that he needs to do. He will be reaching a wide audience. One of the most important things for him to do is to talk with those who are there; wherever they may be, who are around him and who have interest in him. He should understand that through what he has written and what he has put out, in his book and his profile, in the things that he wants to do, just as we said at the beginning of this reading, there is something new being created. It may find expression anywhere that there is a need. Some of that need may be found in a church; some may be found outside of a church. Some may be in a church and still come to him. Trust that the people you will meet, trust that those that enter into conversation, will be helpful to you on your path and on your journey. This does not mean that he will serve a church in a traditional way, but it may mean that something new will happen. And these people may be of help to him in that new way. Understand that everything will be happening because of a new way of being in relationship with Jeffrey. As he expresses himself and the gifts that he has to offer, these things will help to define the relationships. We feel a need for some illustration here on your behalf. Right now, as the pastor of a church, Jeffrey puts together the bulletin, creates the form, and fills in the form according to the needs or desires or the tradition of everything that has come before him. But imagine this: Jeffrey goes to a church, and everything there has been put together by someone else, and he comes and inside the space that is given to him, he is completely himself. What does that mean? What could that be? How could he relate to them within that 20 or 30 minutes? And just let the rest of that time be whatever it will be. But during that 20 minutes, there is the most intimate conversation, speaking as if that conversation is one-on-one, speaking with the knowledge that God is present. Let those who want to think that God is in the church, think that God is in the church, because truly God is there. God just cannot be contained within the walls. So Jeffrey will come inside and color outside the lines—as if burning a path to the grass outside, or painting new lines in the parking lot, or just creating a space of quiet where everybody wonders, “What’s going on? Why doesn’t this guy have something to say?”—all the time not understanding why silence can be so expansive, so profound and deep, and so loud. Don’t be afraid of the opportunities inside or outside of any place or any group. The key is to be yourself. This is your gift. This is Jeffrey’s gift.

2013-67 You will find that you can be constantly in motion, seeking new friends. Some will come along, some will drop out. Don’t be afraid of this process. Don’t be afraid to move on quickly from relationships that are not productive and helpful and mutual.