Mid-Day Prayers


Be our best thought in the day and in the night, be our treasure, our inheritance, be first in our heart.

Acknowledgment of God

Eternal Spirit, loving God in heaven,
during the day
be in our mind
and in our understanding.
Be in the words we speak
and be in our hearts.
As we travel the course of our day,
sustain us, nourish us,
fulfill in us your holy will,
surround us with your love and care.
Let our faith and our actions
transform us and redeem us.


Part of knowing the will of God is to know the requirements of our work. The will of God—from the complexity of physics and mathematics to the way our hearts move us to act with compassion—becomes part of our purpose. God’s will is dynamic, both personal and impersonal, and is never in any way oppressive or controlling. God’s will maintains us in a state of love, truth, and freedom. There is nothing unchanging about Christ except for the God-nature, but this does not take a form or a pattern that can be fixed. We have in Christ a perfect union of the conscious and the unconscious, the active and the passive, something that is material and something that transcends the material, what is human and what is divine. This union becomes the intersection of all things in an eternal state. The most perfect union occurs when the mind is free and open and the heart feels complete compassion.


The Lord’s Prayer

Closing Prayer

Be present, Spirit of God,
be within us,
be our resting place and dwelling place.
Let your light penetrate the darkness
and let your strength calm our troubles.
Let our living and dying over the course of the day
be glorified in your risen life.