Level Seven: God Consciousness

God consciousness is where the primordial realms of energy, consciousness, and trans-lucidity reside. This region is absorptive, reflective, and expressive. The closest analogy we could make is that it would look like space filled with invisible energy, the opposite of matter as energy. This region is consciousness in the most refined, pure form and is the intimate link that ties together everything that exists. All things that manifest emerge out of this primordial energy. The clarity that exists in this state, this aware consciousness, cannot be perceived by lesser forms of consciousness. This realm is not experienced by a subjective entity, rather it is where awareness, energy and consciousness are one and the same as the experience of consciousness—where that which observes and that which is observed are the same, where there is oneness, where there is mutuality of being and expression. This stage of consciousness is where existence enters into the early stages of becoming manifest. Like a black hole, the highest level absorbs everything and emits energy in ways that defy logic, as if existence is created from nothing.

Pure consciousness is an awareness of presence and the meaning of that presence while existing in a state of complete freedom. Complete freedom means there is no sensory or external stimulation that creates an awareness of presence, so that the being knows something and is aware of presence solely through its own interior condition. This pure interior condition is unconditioned reality, and as such is unconditioned love and truth. Consciousness is an awareness of this presence, or these presences (we say “this presence” because it’s all one within God, and potentially within the consciousness of a human being). At the awake mind, we are primarily aware of conditioned reality: cause and effect, stimulus and response, action and reaction. As we move toward pure consciousness, fewer conditions apply to our awareness and consciousness.