Level Five: The Human Unconscious

The human unconscious is connected to our trans-cultural human experience and is collective. Like certain aspects of the cultural unconscious within a human being, the human unconscious region goes beyond individual experience and knowledge generated by that experience. Unlike the cultural unconscious, which varies by country or sub-group, the human unconscious is much broader and holds within itself both the personal and cultural unconscious, plus content that all human beings share. All human birth, for example, comes from mothers, with the seed provided by fathers. Every human must be fed and nurtured to develop properly. Each of us is born, each of us lives, and each of us dies (transitions, changes form). The archetype (or form) of the mother is human, but takes on cultural or personal characteristics as it moves through consciousness toward the awake mind. The fourth and fifth levels of consciousness might be considered by some philosophers and theologians to be part of the individual consciousness of a person, but they actually reach into areas of experience and awareness that can only be accessed during heightened states of spiritual awareness.

Levels two through five are depicted on the diagrams as situated “above” the awake mind. There might be a tendency to think of these as “higher,” but we need to remember that the contents of these levels of consciousness are a diverse mixture. They are depicted this way on the diagram to visually represent a wider range and quantity of content than the content commonly processed by the awake mind, and an area of greater capacity of awareness. The content, in combination with greater intellectual and intuitive capacity, along with the imagination, has the potential to express great wisdom and understanding in the being. Content from these levels can also be used to keep one stuck in lower stages of understanding and awareness, especially if the ego remains in control, so discernment is required.