No one is good but God. (Luke 18:18-19)

For Contemplation

As intimately connected as we are to God, we are not capable of doing good or creating good on our own. Our limitations, some by virtue of our limited capacities and some by virtue of our ego-centered life, prevent us from attaining complete goodness. Only God is perfect and contains within his being all that is good and true. When we claim goodness for ourselves, it is claiming something of God as our own, the sin of theft. This inflated sense of ourselves becomes catastrophic and tragic over time if we are unable to see through to the truth. We are not able to see nor understand the consequences of all our actions and thoughts. We do not have the discernment nor the appropriate judgment to see the full truth that permeates existence. In our ignorance we are likely to harm others, restrict their freedom, and give them a false sense of the world. Our best course is self- reflection, submission to the will of God, and the humility to seek help.


Help us to accept with a humble heart our limitations, God. In moments when we feel strong, or feel that we know better, help us to look for accountability to your truth and justice. Help us to seek out the best in each other. Help us to trust in the goodness of your creation, and where we mistake our will for your will, correct us and preserve others from our selfish choices. Help us to accept the teaching of Christ. Help us to walk in his way. Help us to seek life as you have intended for us. Help us to understand that the goodness in us comes from you, not from our own doing. Help us to gain the kind of self-esteem that honors the gifts we have been given, yet preserves our ability to humbly acknowledge your perfection. Amen.

From The Readings

2013-20 Notice around you many people who are passive and without purposeful direction. Careful observation will show you that those who enjoy life, where there is a deep-rooted happiness in the soul of the being, are working with purpose for the good of human beings. There are many who appear to enjoy life, who like the best things—material, food, all of the things that are described or projected as good or fine or excellent—but because the interior being has not found its purpose, those things that are good serve more to indulge and satisfy in ways that vibrate at lower levels of energy. These are things that you must learn to see in the people with whom you associate—not to avoid them, not to judge them, but to relate or be in relationship with them in a way that does not diminish your purpose, drain your energy or leave you feeling used or exhausted. The feeling of being used or exhausted can come because there is no respect for the physical boundaries and the physical capabilities of people, or because there is a very crude understanding of energy or self-interest, or what we would call a selfish perspective.