Material & Spiritual Abundance

Material & Spiritual Abundance

One aspect of the choice is to choose the material, to enjoy the material abundance—both the abundance of God and of the handiwork of humans. In contrast is the choice to enjoy the abundance of spiritual gifts in and through God. Do not make a mistake in thinking that you can ignore the material world. That is not the point. The point is, as you already know, the choice that is made according to purpose, the spiritual purpose of the being, first. This applies to any human endeavor. There can be, and often is, material abundance for those who make the spiritual choice to align with their purpose.

Breaking Karmic Patterns

Breaking Karmic Patterns

2016-042 It is good to understand that karmic patterns or scripts, things that are repetitive behaviors or patterns of thinking, these things are understood and at the same time present in the intellect, especially the way that Jeffrey has described the intellect in different realms of consciousness. When one meditates and begins to understand the flow of thoughts and expressions, and consequently behaviors, meditation allows you to see these patterns and behaviors in its highest form in an objective or an observant perspective. 

Love, Truth, and Purpose

2014-102 It is within the purpose of every human being to express fully love and truth that is aligned with their purpose. When there is love and truth without purpose, it is as if one floats and gets captured by things like feeling, infatuation, and obsession, because these are easily aligned with love and can easily be aligned with objects in the material realm. But when connected to purpose, the energy that is the love and truth strengthens the will, and in the strongest sense, aids in the expression of the purpose. True purpose cannot move and grow and become energized unless love and truth are part of the whole package. We bring these things to you again simply as reminders, and though it seems so silly or trite sometimes to say that home is where the heart is, this expression is profoundly true when it comes to purpose in a sense of one being within God. When God is seen and perceived and understood as the true home, the heart moves, the love and truth move through the person, and with the person, and the power and energy of the will amplified and refined with the discipline of the mind, these are the things that produce beauty. These are the things that produce wellbeing. These are the things, when properly aligned, that burn away the dross and the patterns of karma. These are the things that clear the mind, awaken the inner capacities of the soul, such that enlightenment has that quality of light, a radiance and a strength.

[The text above was transmitted during one of Jeff's channeling sessions that we refer to as “the readings.” Excerpts begin with the year in which they were given, followed by the paragraph number. All transmissions are transcribed by me, his wife, Stelli. For more information or to schedule a private reading, please contact Jeff directly by clicking here.]


Bishop John Shelby Spong of the Episcopal Church said, “God is not a Christian. God is not a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Buddhist. I honor my tradition. I walk through my tradition. But I don’t believe my tradition defines God. It only points me to God.”

I think often of this statement. It reminds me that words place boundaries on our concepts and feelings, boundaries that don’t exist inside of us, and these same word-boundaries limit our ability to communicate with each other the meaning of God in our lives. I often ask in prayer for “eyes to see” and “ears to hear,” as Jesus sometimes says, so that I can discover the good in every moment, discover what I can learn in the moment, and discover some part of myself in the world that I observe. This process of discovery, for me, is a journey inward as well as outward; seeking relationship with God as God can be discovered inside of myself and outward to discover all the ways that I can find  God in my relationships. I see and understand the world and other people as teachers, teachers that can hold me, nourish me, and reveal God to me, so that I can take my place and fulfill my purpose in the fabric of all Being. Our minds, guided by the spiritual traditions we embrace, lead us to God, in an infinite number of ways, in ways that are uniquely matched to the uniqueness of our being, a way so inclusive that the infinite number of ways all resolve into the One God.

I have come to understand that this kind of inclusivity is a threatening idea to many people. They prefer a God that judges and condemns, so sometimes my teachers are harsh and unforgiving. They prefer that I am excluded from the Heaven that is in God. As if that could truly happen. I am reminded of a story from the Hindu tradition about Krishna. Krishna comes upon a group of milkmaids and multiplies himself so that every milkmaid has a partner to dance with. The moment a milkmaid believes that Krishna is dancing only with them, he disappears. Our understanding of God works in a similar way. As soon as we believe we have God to ourselves, that we are the only one to know God, that only we are God’s chosen, we “lose” God. We are never truly separated from God’s love for us, but our selfishness can obscure our experience of God, and prevent us from manifesting for others the love found in our experience of God.