Waking up in the Night

078-2017 (Why do I keep waking up at 3 a.m.? Same thing with my mom.) Any being with the sensitivity and the body like a radar, especially as it grows in spiritual strength and awareness is going to be aware of the different worlds and the transitions in consciousness that occur in the night. This is simply an indication of a greater awareness of your environment. It’s not something to be feared, but it is something to take into account in other parts of your life. Over time you will develop the ability to lay still and remain in as state of awareness and rest during this time. There is value in having a small night light next to you and a journal so you can make notes or write down a dream or to even write something about work or business, and if possible, avoid the glare of the computer screen in the middle of the night. This heightens the light sensitivity of the interior being in ways that are difficult for human beings to understand. Just as there is a balance required of day and night, physically, there is also a balance that occurs spiritually. Your awareness of this simple fact should help you, and knowing that any ideas or breakthroughs in consciousness that occur in the night, when they become part of your journal, you will then be able to return to rest sooner. Understand that the awakening in the night is parallel to the awakening of the soul, and there is much awakening that is occurring in the world now, which is why this is more commonly discussed and reported. But few are understanding the spiritual origin of this phenomena. Your ability to calm your inner being will gradually improve and you’ll return to sleep sooner and it will be more restful.