Spiritual Evolution

088-2017 The process of change that science has identified and described as evolution is essentially a spiritual process. And just as science has discovered, when everything is looked upon as a material manifestation, the process is very long in the human understanding of time. The chronology is millions and billions of years. But part of the reason that we find so many expressions of spiritual channeling and teaching is that there is an acceleration in the number of people who are tapping into the energy of an evolutionary process. This is the link that only few have explored on the scientific side: the link between spiritual evolution and the evolution of the material being. This is a slowly developing phenomena, and Jeffrey might consider that he and others contain or express an element of evolutionary change in the human being: not just that he is able to channel, but that within him is the expression of a phenomena that is also connected to the development and evolution of all human beings.

089-2017 There are various ways to express what we have just described in a spiritual context. On the spiritual side, it might be expressed as enlightenment. And the human beings that tap into this process see it purely as the advancement of an individual, spiritual being, and identify all of the characteristics that lead to the flowering of this expression. On the material side, the expression of this flowering, the evidence of this expression is the physical record of evolution. This is the correspondence in a material manifestation of the evolution and process of everything created by God. And so, this is part of the answer to Jeffrey’s prayer that he be able to see from a broader perspective, and he is thinking in his material mind, in the mind of his psychological process or his intellect that he is going to be able to sit in this broader perspective, this undefined for him broader perspective and relate to people sitting across from him in a way that they will somehow understand him and he will understand them. And he needs to understand that this is not going to happen; that it’s not going to happen in that way. There is still an element of relating to a human being one to one—and he knows this—that it is a matter of love and compassion. And he needs to be satisfied that if he can tell a story or write a poem along with understanding that he is a potential model of a new kind of human being, without getting caught up in assigning meaning to it, but just allowing it to be expressed through him, a greater understanding of all that we have expressed in a rudimentary form will flood into him. And just as he knows the use of human language to describe the movement of this kind of knowledge or wisdom of the manifestation of God, the attributes of God or the expression of God, that the description of movement is always a limitation of human understanding. Because all of the knowledge, all of the wisdom, all of the consciousness exists in every particle of creation, and it is continuously present. He is just beginning to feel it even though he feels like the journey has been long.