Presence in You

021-2017 Why are you surprised to know that I see with your eyes, that I touch with your hands, that I feel the same things that you feel in your heart? Why are you surprised to know that your very being is an extension of my being? Is it truly a surprise to know that I experience your thoughts before they emerge in your own mind? And, now you begin to know the true nature of my presence in you, and the true knowledge that comes from that presence. Knowledge of me comes from your experience of me, and your witness of my creation and action in the world: from the most basic, material understanding, to the highest manifestation of spirit and truth, my presence is constant. My unfolding is eternal. My consciousness and love are the essence of every movement, action, energy that you perceive. So now it is through others that you begin to see the reason that I gave you the words: presence meditation, as a specific method of teaching for you. Now you understand that yes, you can think about what it means for my presence to be understood through the mind, and yet, previously you understood my presence without understanding the embodiment of that presence through every channel of your own being and your own body. Know that in the material realm, there is the intimate connection between that part of me that exists within you, and the material manifestation in your body, such that during your journey in the earth, they are inseparable, even though they are not defined by the physical dimensions of your material presence. Understand that your spiritual presence extends out from you to a distance and a manner that you do not understand. If you were to measure it in a physical way, to use a language that you use in your mind now, the bubble of consciousness that exists around you, even if this were to extend 100 yards in every direction, you still would not understand the power of your presence. And it is through your own practice that you will begin to see more and more evidence of this presence in everything that you do.

022-2017 Yes, you will see me as if you see me in a physical form. And, yes you will see the realm within yourself as if it is a physical realm. Do not confuse this with the work of the mind. For you do not enter it through the intellect, you enter through the heart. The feeling that you will experience physically entering into this dimension of your own existence, may sometimes occur in your body, above the heart toward the center of the torso, slightly below the neck. This is the union of the physical and the spiritual in the human body, and as you have described the energy of consciousness as swirling and rotating, spiraling, all of these experiences are a result of the vortex of energy that travels in the spine. It burrows deep into the physical dimension through the lower chakras, and it is now spilling over into the crown of your own being. We use this language so that you may understand the power of this energy. That it is seated within you. That the crown of the body is like a light around the physical brain, and it is the archetype of the physical crown used to signify knowledge and power within the human being that is recognized as royalty and kingship or queenship in the material realm. But, also, you must understand that the construction of a throne, for which a human being is to sit and rest is actually what you would call upside down, meaning that the body is the throne and the spiritual being sits in the center of the body, so the descent of my power and my spirit into the human being, when it is described as a throne is actually a manifestation of the body and is as you would perceive, an archetype as a mirror or reflection of your own consciousness.

023-2017 It is through the human being that I disclose myself to the material world, and this is why everything exists in relationship to the human being. Those who have come before you have seen this relationship as one of power and dominion, and the feeling of power within their own being has often been captured by the ego and understood as personal power; has been used as personal power. And if pursued, this power becomes destructive to the psyche and to the other ways in which I manifest through human beings. Because the manifestation of which I speak to you has emerged in your consciousness, you see and understand the existence of this consciousness in every human being, but you also understand that it has emerged in different stages of development. It is through the call to relationship, brought about through the intuitive and instinctual movement to see and recognize this light in every human being; to continue the process of my disclosure in the material realm. Know that this process is not your responsibility, but you must also know that this process is your purpose in the world. It is through the engagement, the opening and holding of this knowledge, through the acknowledgment of the source of your own being and life, through bearing witness to your own internal state of being, through acknowledging and bearing witness to this same process in other human beings, no matter the stage of their development, to do this with restraint, to do this with love and acknowledgment of the magnitude of truth, even the truth of those things which you are yet to understand, but that you acknowledge through your understanding of grace and truth. This is the fulfillment of your purpose. You bear witness to these things through that which you write, and that which you speak, but you are still learning how to express these in a manner similar to that which attracted you, similar to that which made your curious about what it means to be human. Know that what is human signifies in many dimensions that which is closest to the being of God. That to be truly human, in your language, is to be like God. It is in the depth of human experience that the sensation, the feeling, the intuitive understanding of life, that to the human being feels both tragic and sublime, mirrors the sensation to the consciousness of God. This sensation on a spiritual level is difficult to describe because it exists in a realm of potential that is not yet manifest in humanity in the material realm. This knowledge that I give you is being given for the purpose of your contemplation. As you continue to write, as you continue to go forward, as you continue to explore what it means when I say that the power that resides within you is my presence manifest in you as witness to the truth that is manifest also within you and around you.

024-2017 You do not speak of the questions you have for me, as if you are concerned about having dialogue with me, continuously in both your waking and sleeping. But it is these questions that bring about the acknowledgment of my presence. It is the understanding that develops out of the question that accurately reflects the longing and curiosity that are also attributes of God, such that these are the process by which you continuously engage my presence. It is not a process that presumes or assumes an answer as the prerequisite for the presence. It is the question that brings the presence. There is much that both of you want to know about your path forward in the world: where to work, where to live, what to do about where you live. I am here to remind you to not be afraid. To not make assumptions. To be willing to ask questions and know that even your questions to another human being brings about the opportunity for you to understand and expand your knowledge of my presence. This is a result of my bearing witness to the truth of every moment, every present moment in eternity to that which unfolds in every place and time, in every circumstance, in every relationship. It is through the witness to the question and the expression of what is true that the soul responds. Understand that this is the deeper event that occurs simultaneous with any material event related to your work in the material realm. The attitude of curiosity, the longing for truth, the longing for right relationship to the truth and to other human beings, these are at the heart of every human interaction, along with the knowledge of the presence of compassion and care. It is through the expression of care that any human interaction can be understood, and this is one of the questions which you must ask yourselves as you go forward into any relationship: How can I express my care and compassion through the work that I perform in the world? This is important, yet remember that my burden is easy, the load is light. It is important that you acknowledge within yourself that any feeling of being overwhelmed, or that any decision is difficult, these are signs to you to remember that my burden is light; that you can proceed easily, that you can proceed without concern about your ability to achieve what is necessary to accomplish your purpose in the world. Know that I have trust in you to proceed according to your purpose and to the consciousness that you bring to each moment. Know this and smile to yourself and to others. This is a material acknowledgment of the spiritual nature of all things: that there is a greeting accompanied by care and willingness to offer compassion to every moment. Know that this is not always a material giving, for most of your experience is meant to be an understanding of my presence and that every gift is already present in some form when there is an acknowledgment of my presence.