Illumination and the Wind

033-2017 Now the illuminated soul: there is the perception that Jeffrey may have that at a stage of illumination, there is no other sense of presence—that all of his movement in the world would take place within this realm of the soul, almost like moving through the world in a bubble, but this is a misunderstanding or a misrepresentation. The human being experiences the presence of the soul in ways similar to the way in which the emotions pass through the being. It’s like walking in the wind. The feeling that sometimes it’s as if the wind is in your face, or that it is behind you, or that it comes side to side. All of these directions create a different sense of movement and the body is constantly shifting in relation to the direction of the wind. But when the human being is experiencing wind in the physical body, the continuous presence of the wind is gradually noticed less and less, and the body begins to respond or adjust in a seamless way. But the body is still distinct and the wind is still distinct, and each continues according to the energy present in the manifestation surrounding the body. This is similar to the way in which the illuminated soul will feel to Jeffrey, as if it passes around him or runs into him or pushes from behind, just like the wind. Gradually, he will sense its movement, anticipate its effect, and in a general sense, he will be able to rest in the dynamics of how the soul is functioning in relation to his material existence.