261-2017 Now it is for Jeffrey to understand that there are many kinds of prophets and many kinds of prophecy. Each of these prophets and these forms of prophecy are understood in different ways when they are seen through a different cultural lens. But remember that the way the prophecy is seen is like the artistic patterns in the ceiling of the mosques, where there is what appears by way of its color and is represented in the visible spectrum by color, and then there is the underlying geometric patterns which is like the divine order, the structure underneath the final representation. This mathematical creation or structure is part of the foundation that forms the prism through which the light and energy that is God becomes manifest. So the prophets are known by the manner in which they manifest certain attributes of God. In a way, one could say that this is like the colors that are seen in the pattern. We can see that with the prophet Isaiah, there are many statements from God where God describes God’s own being through the use of saying, “I am.” And this is similar to some of the prophetic utterances of Jesus when he says, “I am.” If we were to look at Jesus and give some indication of the central purpose of his life, we would say that it is in two areas: it is in bearing witness to the truth, and in understanding that every human being holds within the essence that is the same as the essence of the life and love that is God. When one looks at Isaiah as a prophet where he expresses God’s intention through the “I am” statements, we can say that Isaiah is a prophet of presence and that Isaiah is a prophet of justice, but not justice as the world understands, but divine justice. There is also a way of understanding the prophet Mohammed, just as there are ways of understanding human beings who have spoken in a prophetic way. We say these things so you will begin, Jeffrey, to try to grasp and understand in such a way that you can embody your individual contribution as a prophetic voice. There are may complex ways of seeing the combination of knowledge and wisdom that come from the different dimensions of life that you study. This is the reason for the attraction to the geometric designs, the multi-dimensional aspects of the underlying structure of the universe.

263-2017 So in the threads, what is found in the Readings is an understanding of Jeffrey’s prophetic voice. And one of the most important things for him to learn in reading the Readings again is for him to get a sense of his prophetic being and the way that he says as a channel, the things that come through him, how they can be identified according to the spiritual needs that they meet in others and in himself. We ask him why this is not satisfactory in itself for him? Why not understand that everything else that comes should be expressed in this context? There is so much to say and do, especially with the understanding of his own purpose. It is like finding a voice in his writing or in his poetry from which to speak. There is a place and time where it will become more natural and flow more easily. Where it will flow more consciously just as it flows in the books that he is now preparing. But the distinction is that the information, the wisdom, the divine knowledge comes in ways that are broken up and distinct. They are held in ways that prevents the underlying unity of his voice to come through. Why is it important to mix what comes from the Readings in what comes when he is writing? He could just as easily assign a date and a paragraph number. So there’s no need to worry about the fact that what he has written doesn’t sit in a complete form in the Readings for him. It’s alright that it comes. So it is time to see those in some ways like a conscious session: a reading. You have this aversion to describing this or to thinking of this as automatic writing or letting some other entity write through you, but it really is neither of these two things. You know the process that occurs as the words form out of that primordial energy and love and presence of God. So rest in this. Just as was said in the Reading about patience, that there is no patience with the love of God: It overwhelms you. It fills you. It brings you to a moment of truth. And all you can do when you are face to face with the truth is surrender to that truth.