Material & Spiritual Abundance

250-2017 Understand that what was said to human beings in ancient times is still true: that the choices before us are life or death. And this is meant spiritual life, spiritual death, though many have only understood it in a material sense. But also remember it was also said that don’t wait for someone to go up in heaven to retrieve it, nor someone to go far and bring it back, because it is in your heart. Human beings live now in a world created by their own mind, their own hands, and they have developed many material abilities. The same is true now as has always been true in the material realm. One aspect of the choice is to choose the material, to enjoy the material abundance—both the abundance of God and of the handiwork of humans. In contrast is the choice to enjoy the abundance of spiritual gifts in and through God. Do not make a mistake in thinking that you can ignore the material world. That is not the point. The point is, as you already know, the choice that is made according to purpose, the spiritual purpose of the being, first. This applies to any human endeavor. There can be, and often is, material abundance for those who make the spiritual choice to align with their purpose. There is not a rule that says do not enjoy the harvest or the fruits of your effort. This can be both material and spiritual. But there is the matter of the material in relationship to God, and one choice leads to spiritual life. The reason for this is because the life that is in the spirit produces all forms of abundance, so this understanding is foundational to how you move and live and have your being in the material world. As we have said before, you have progressed to the point where the use of the free will is more important than the choice among the alternatives before you. This is because of another foundational understanding that is part of divine order: It is through mercy and grace that you’re given life, and it is through the same mercy and grace that you are protected. When pursuing the truth, there can be no fatal error. Again, this does not mean that there are no material consequences to the choices that you make, but know this also: that at every point in time, there is always a spiritual choice available that falls within the resources available to every soul. Finding this balance is important because those who wish to advance as rapidly as surely as both of you wish and choose to do, there is the need to eliminate or remove all unnecessary content from your life. And for those things that remain in your life, they must be understood and kept in perspective. By “in perspective” we mean that they can be held lightly—that is, without attachment. They can be held for practical means. Things can be held to maintain one’s ability to function in the world. But there is also the need for the soul to understand when the choices being made serve the material attachment or desire. There can be enjoyment and pleasure, but if the enjoyment and pleasure are necessary for the being to give value to one’s own being, then the problem begins to arise, because the value of one’s own being, the intrinsic value of the God within you that is the source of all identity and being cannot be measured in material value. The truth is that human beings need very little when their spiritual needs are understood, respected, and valued. Moving forward from this understanding, you will continue to feel the need to seek out, explore, and hold what is essential to your purpose, to your life, to your sense of being. The material needs and the material resources do not remain constant, but trust that whatever is needed in the moment, that it is available in some way.