Fatigue and Egoic Expression

264-2017 Understand always that the physical is a representation of the spiritual. One could say that all illness is derived from separation from source, the incomplete expression of the source of all love and truth, but how does this separation occur? Of course it occurs with the ego where there is a sense of a separate identity, a separateness that you identify with. And so the energy and the tension and the tiredness come about because of a lack of alignment. You might say that the ego expends a lot of energy holding on to certain kinds of self-concepts. One version of this self-concept, as you know, has to do with self-worth. So the struggle, the internal spiritual struggle related to these issues creates fatigue. The feeling of being overwhelmed with fatigue can be an egoic exercise in which the ego pretends to give up control and wants to feel or expresses its feeling as overwhelmed. It is very rare for this condition to be in a level state or a static state. It fluctuates up and down; it rises and falls according to the intensity of egoic expression, whether it be control or some smaller issue. These things can manifest in many ways, and one way is through the thyroid. It can also be through the immune system. It can be through the digestive system. It can manifest as a lack of mental clarity. Confusion. In these situations, the lack of clarity, the mental confusion, most of these are controlled by the ego. By going inward, by the active entering one’s inner life, the process of centering helps in the adjustment and balance of energy. And this is why the ego resists the inner journey because it is resisting the balance that can be achieved through the inner work.