Attachment and Truth

277-2017 It is a generalization, meaning that it is not always true, but it is something that should always be considered: that a choice for less is a better choice for the soul if the choice for less means that there is less being given to the desire, the attachment, or the aggrandizement of the soul’s ego presence in the world. When there is too much in the way of material quantity, too much in the way of ego-centric attention, or strong attachment to the appearance of things, these cloud the ability of the human being to see into their true nature. This is the reason that many choose a path of denial or choose a path of asceticism, even though there is ego attachment that is possible to the spiritual path. We say this in order that you be cautious about what both of you are attaching to your lives. There are many instances where less can be more for both of you, because the absences of those things that are the object of desire or attachment get in the way of seeing the truth about yourselves or about the context in which you live.