Letting Go

2016-097 The state of the mind, whatever the mind focuses on, all of these things are controllable by you in the moment. Now some would say that you only have the ability to react to what is present, so that if it is too hot, you can say, “I can decide how to respond to the heat.” But there is a part of you that you experience as being within you that goes beyond the ability to simply respond to the heat. Every human being, at some point sees that all the energy and heat present is from the sun. But there is a part of the human being, the energy within the body that is activated by consciousness through the mind. Just as there is the spiritual essence of the human being connected to the spiritual essence, the consciousness of God, this physical energy in the body is the physical correspondence to that essence, and the sun is the physical correspondence to the energy and consciousness that is God. Both of these energies or these essences, and at the most infinite level, consciousness, are within the realm of control of that part within the human being. That part is within the control of the human being. They cannot exist without each other; they do not exist without each other. So there is a synergy and there is more of a relationship than simply the part of the human being that reacts to the physical realm. Now, to know this, for most human beings, is useless. Their consciousness is in such a place, that when these words are spoken to them or when they read these words, they won’t even know how to respond. To some it will seem ridiculous. And some will say, “Oh, yes, I believe that,” but they never get beyond living in a reactive way to the world, to the heat of the sun, even to the consciousness of God. But there are a few, who when they are faced with this understanding, are able to experience and understand this in a different way. At first they might try to control it. And there are even those whose powers of manifestation are so strong that they can do things that give them temporary control or the appearance of control over the material and the spiritual realms. But like all attempts at control, these eventually become uncontrollable. Sometimes because of the consciousness of the person, sometimes because they release energy that is far greater than they understand. But if you go back to the readings on karma, and the readings on how karma or repetitive behavior manifests, you will see or understand what is happening with these attempts at control. When the human being experiences awe without the need to control, then they experience and see true beauty, and they can appreciate the consciousness and love that are present in the moment. This consciousness and love within them is part of the experience of beauty and the way that the beauty is perceived—the experience, the perception, the consciousness of the person, are one. The key to understanding this state of being is simply to release, the complete unconditional release of the person in the moment to this consciousness and to God; or to say, to let go, to let what is happening to pass through, and what is in the mind in the moment as it passes through. No matter where it comes from or how it is experienced in the mind, the use of the will and consciousness to let go, allows the person to go in this very still place and see that they are fully present and a participant in the reality that they experience.