2016-121 First we must acknowledge that intention operates or functions at multiple levels within the human being, such that the conscious or the awake mind intention is not necessarily aligned with the subconscious or higher conscious awareness and intention of the being. In Jeffrey we have a gradual shifting of alignment where both the intention that is born in his purpose in this life, largely unconscious through much of his life, comes into expression, and his awake mind and intention become closer to alignment with this higher intention and purpose. This process occurs in parallel with the ability to express higher consciousness through the readings and through the words that Jeffrey speaks in his awake life. Intention brings much energy into the moment. Unfortunately, frequently the intention is generated through egoic or self-centered, self-serving processes. So this is why the intention of the awake mind must gradually move into alignment with the purpose and intention of the soul and the expression of that purpose in the material world. It is in the karma of a human being, or rather we would say it is in the intention that the karma is most deeply imprinted, such that the individual actions that produce karma create deeper patterns when the intention behind those actions is selfish. Less accumulation of karma occurs when the intention is expressed through a higher consciousness, even though actions may result in unintended consequences in the world. The karma of unintended consequences are borne by those who act, and these are a vehicle through which the person works off karma and the consequences of actions, even where the intention expressed a higher purpose. All of what has been said is leading up to this portion of the reading where any being who seeks higher love, higher understanding and peace, has to commit to the process of examining their intention—both what is experienced and understood at the awake level, but also through getting in touch with that part of the being that is in the deeper realms of consciousness and closer in contact to the Christ or the highest forms of human consciousness.