Fear in Those With Power

2016-040 Jeffrey is right in understanding that anyone still in the world has not achieved complete oneness with God. There are those who will fight this, and he must understand that he needs to hold, with strength, his own understanding of this revelation. It is not a revelation based on weakness, or based on lack of understanding, or based on anything less than the highest level of consciousness; and in order to say this, he needs to remember that there is a truth being exposed that is a threat to the powers that exist in the material world. There are some, like Jeffrey, that can acknowledge this, but those who can acknowledge this are seldom in positions of material power within the world. It is also true that those who claim this, and claim special dispensations as a result of this are abusing their spiritual power. Again, this is not a pleasant fact to express to those in power because it gets at the heart of their own role and position, and if you want to see fear, this can incite fear in those with power. There are many who choose their path with complete humility that have based their lives and their spiritual orientation on perversions of the two truths of which we just spoke. This is difficult for those people to understand, but there is no amount of pointing this out or trying to explain this to those people in this world. They must come to this on their own. It is usually a consequence of accepting the revelation of another, over their own personal revelation and the possibility that revelation can come through them into the world. They see it as coming through others, not through themselves, such that they express the will of God as if it is the will outside of them, rather than the alignment with the purpose and the presence of God in every moment. Even those in power who express this, the incompleteness of their understanding causes them to believe that in the moment they are expressing the will of God, rather than their own will. If human beings could meditate on this carefully and truly believe and understand that God is within them, they would see the contradiction in expressing that the will of God is something outside of them that they make themselves come into alignment with, and that is separate from their own will.

[The text above was transmitted during one of Jeff's channeling sessions that we refer to as “the readings.” Excerpts begin with the year in which they were given, followed by the paragraph number. All transmissions are transcribed by me, his wife, Stelli. For more information or to schedule a private reading, please contact Jeff directly by clicking here.]