Relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene

2015-243 (Can you say something about the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene?) There was a very strong relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. In some ways this relationship is difficult for others to understand, but here are the essential things to know. First, that the relationship between them, the purpose was for each in their own spiritual growth and realization. This is true for all relationships, but what was special about their relationship was the realization of this by both. Understand also that Mary Magdalene did not conform to the culture and societal norms of her time. She sought out Jesus and became a member of his inner circle by virtue of her desire to grow spiritually and to be transformed. Though there was a very strong emotional bond between them, and some would say a romantic bond, much of the description of this relationship is based on the perception of others and is not necessarily a true representation of the relationship. In many ways Mary Magdalene was like a disciple, a favored student. In many ways she understood Jesus better than others around him. She understood him apart from all of the traditions and the attachments and the labeling that people are prone to do. She saw him in the fullness of his truth, and even though she felt this romantic love for him, she also knew that he was at this stage of his life and transformation and that the purpose that he came for was paramount for both of them. So there was both the devotional attention to him and the acceptance of the distance between them according to their purpose. Her devotion to Jesus was evident to others around him and they accepted her on this level, even though they did not understand her greater purpose. And this is the reason that she disappears from some of the stories after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Unlike other followers, she did not feel compelled to create something like a cult around him, or attribute to him the wrong meaning in the world. And so her participation in those activities was by her choice, and her choice was to not participate but to leave. And after his departure from this world, she continued on in her own process of growth and development. There were times during his ministry when she actually supported him financially. So there is a variety of ways in which their relationship was fulfilled. She herself was a wise and powerful spiritual being and capable of teaching, and her understanding of what Jesus taught, at times surpassed that of the other disciples. Much of what is known about her, as we have said in other readings about Jesus, was understood and described through the lens of people at a very low stage of spiritual growth. So their capacity to understand her, and to understand her level of spiritual attainment was limited. 

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