Quiet and Solitude

2016-159 It is always hard to remember that when one feels adrift or overwhelmed or in a state of disequilibrium, that the alignment is undergoing change in a spiritual realm or in a spiritual sense. In the physical world, it’s hard to appreciate this unless there is even more time spent in quiet and in solitude. This is exactly the opposite of what many would say to do. Some might say to get out of yourself or to stop being so inward directed, yet these feelings and these sensations, these phenomena actually calm down and stabilize with the process of going inward. So we’d like to describe a bit of a process and give some analogies so that there is a better understanding in Jeffrey of exactly what is happening. There are the stories that describe how the moon is reflected in the lake, and how human beings mistake the reflection of the moon for the actual moon, and how the feelings and emotions are like waves on the lake that even obscure the image. All the while the real moon is unchanged. It exists in a state of perfection regardless of the change in the reflection or the change in the water. And one can go further and say that those things dragged up from the bottom of the lake can cloud the water. So all of these parts of the process of looking inwardly are subject to the feelings and sensations, the emotions and misperception of human beings of what actually is the moon. This description then, it’s like the true self, which in this example is the moon, meaning that it is still there above all the drama that is going on in the world where one becomes trapped by the images and the storms and the wind on the water. The going inward seeks stability in such a way that the being, the human being has a chance to understand their own reflection in the lake, their own true self that is being reflected, but it’s not the true self; rather it is that which bears witness, that which observes and sees apart from what is happening.

2016-160 For Jeffrey, there is a process of emptying and then being filled, emptying and then being filled. And this is a continuous process in such a way that he as a vessel functions like a glass. The water that is poured in sometimes is a little polluted. It has to be poured out and the glass cleaned, and then the pure water that is poured in again is clear. But the process of cleaning isn’t just one event, but multiple events. Each time he empties himself, if there is any residue, then this eventually must be emptied as well, all the while moving toward a clear vessel that holds the living water that is poured into him.

2016-161 Now it is important to think of everything that Jesus says in terms of love and consciousness, but at this point right now we want to think of it in terms of consciousness, which is love. But in order for the human mind to understand and the body to understand, we want to speak of consciousness. When Jesus meets the woman at the well and he says to her that he can give her living water, he is really speaking of giving her or helping her experience greater awareness of the consciousness that exists of God. His own being, fully saturated with Christ-consciousness is the gift. So when he says that he is the gift, we must understand that we are being given the gift of consciousness. And as we understand this at multiple levels, we can see in all of the stories and in his words, that when we understand he is sharing that consciousness with us, this is why his language so frequently speaks of his own self being shared. Because this higher self, this essential part of him that is of the same essence of God, is that consciousness and energy, that love. But it is helpful to think of this as consciousness because this is where our human behavior and our understanding meet the world. It is where it comes from inside of us and through us touches and experiences the world, such that when we embody this consciousness and love, then that is the way that we engage the world. That is our way of facing or the interface with the world. When we have awareness, we are seeing and understanding while we are experiencing the world. This is why we can say that the body or the human being, being a manifestation of consciousness can let the experience of the world pass through it. Any feeling of fear, any emotion can ripple through the consciousness that is the being and does not need to reside in the spiritual location of the body of the being. This consciousness has a physical dimension, which in a person who is deeply grounded in the material such that they are unaware of unable to experience beyond their sense, this consciousness appears or feels like it is only extending as far as the body. As the consciousness in the person is experienced in a spiritual sense, through a higher awareness, we understand that our ability to sense or experience or understand extends beyond the physical boundaries of the body. This is why the drawings of da Vinci and other artists that show the arc of the hands with the arms extended above and around the human being, in multiple positions, this is why we see the same with Kali, with multiple arms, and Shiva—all of these images are representative of an awareness and a consciousness beyond the human body as far as the body can reach in a space around a human being. This is why when a person comes in physical proximity, there is an almost instinctive response, even before there is a sensory experience of the other person. This is why a person with powerful energy can enter a room at one end of the room and people at another end feel this presence and turn to respond. This is the presence of Jesus as he is felt, even across time and in the world, even though his physical presence ended. So this awareness and this consciousness extends farther and father in every dimension.