Freedom to be Oneself

2016-180 There are many ways that the world conditions the mind. In this moment, we are not speaking about the patterns or the scripts of karma. Those are previous ways of the mind being conditioned or patterned. Now we are talking about the ways in which the mind conforms to the world. In some ways this is part of the function of the ego, especially as the person, in this case Jeffrey, sees those things that are expected, those things that come from commitment. There are so many ways that others, other individuals, other groups, those that speak for groups ask for commitment. They ask in personal ways through the spoken word, and through the traditions of giving. So these commitments are very difficult for a person who needs freedom in order to understand themselves, in order to understand how the mind works, in order to understand how the higher consciousness that is present functions. There is a moment of perception, when the mind is free, and it understands what it witnesses in the world. Most often this moment is part of surprise, where the very first moment of pleasure or the very first moment of exhilaration, but soon after this initial moment, there is a part of the being that evaluates the experience and tucks it away in memory. So we can see that the commitments of the world, as well as the constraints of memory, these are the things that frequently restrict the freedom of the mind and the intellect, and hence the experience and perception of experience of a human being in the world. So how does one go beyond these things? In effect, we have guided you to this place and time and it is here that Jeffrey has freedom, meaning the freedom to accept himself for who he is, without judgment, and then to let him explore what presence means, what oneness means, what it means to have trust in divine providence, what it means for him to be so completely free that his experience in the moment teaches him, rather than the experience in the moment instigating memory, where a process of comparison begins. It is possible for a human being to do all the things that a human being in the world does and function in the ways that a human being functions, and still reach this moment of freedom, but the process requires a complete re-orientation of the being. So to add to what Jeffrey has already written about, about repentance and regeneration, about the turning of the whole being toward God, there is this element of freedom that helps accomplish the turning toward God in such a way that the being retains freedom, freedom without expectations, freedom without any assumptions, freedom without any conditions. All of these things are dependent on the experience of complete freedom to be oneself and to encounter the world with curiosity, openness and acceptance.