Overwhelm and Anxiety

2016-149 [Excerpt of reading for Stelli] We wish to speak about the feeling of being overwhelmed at work or being overwhelmed emotionally. Too often, the ego would like to control the body, the mind, and ultimately the soul. For if the body and the mind and the soul are in alignment with the ego, then the ego can ask anything and the body, and the mind and the soul will obey. But understand that the ego’s desire is never satisfied. Though your physical stomach may feel full, the ego’s stomach is like a bottomless pit. The more that is shoved in and falls through the bottom, the more anxious the ego gets that it cannot fill its desire, and it shovels more and more into the being. There are several things that simply need to enter your awareness, and this will help with the anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed. One is the trust that everything is simply not up to you. And so those things that feel like they must be done, sometimes don’t need to be done or they’ll simply go away. You need to trust that this is possible and trust that those things that are needed will come to your attention in time for you to do the work that is necessary in the material realm. The second thing is that the world changes. What is important today is not important tomorrow. What feels urgent at night, the feeling subsides in the morning. Trust that you know the things that must be done. Trust that the priority that you give to things is valid, and then remember to ask for help, understanding that everything doesn’t have to be done at the same time. There are two patterns here, and we have just described the work pattern. The second pattern is the emotional pattern: the anxiety that comes from feeling overwhelmed in the moment by all of the things of which you care. Remember that your care is a contribution to the care of God; that not all care and love must come from you. And where you feel love and can express love, then the manifestation of love grows. Of all the things that you have loved, that you have given your love to, that you have lived out the compassion in your heart for those around you, realize that none of this has ever been given in vain. Know that even though it may not be reciprocal in the moment, what is given is not lost, and know that the love that is returned to you will continue to grow within you. As we have said, the little things are big, and the things that seem so big are so small. So this must also be applied to the feeling of being overwhelmed and to the anxiety that you sometimes feel. What feels big is actually small.