Evolution and Liberation

2016-130 Every soul that evolves and grows and is liberated affects every other soul in a fashion that leads to higher forms of consciousness, so that in effect, evolution is drawn forward by the levels of consciousness and awareness, by the liberation of the soul from the effects of the material manifestation and karma. So that in each successive life there is the sense that all of mankind is moving to a higher plane of consciousness even though each individual soul might be struggling to reach higher levels of awareness and consciousness. There are those souls that advance far ahead individually compared to the collective consciousness of human beings, and this can be manifest or seen by some but not by others. For a long time human beings were subject to the conditions of their birth, but now because of the advanced nature of consciousness in the material realm, there are those souls who enter the earth with an intuitive understanding that there are few limitations, even in the material realm, such that they may choose a birth of circumstance, choose a childhood circumstance, choose a different adult situation, in which their karma unfolds and is burned away. This is why at this day and time, as consciousness is raised, women and men see fewer gender limitations to their role, to their behavior, and to their life circumstances. The same is true for those who choose same-sex relationships or alternative relationships. The souls are refusing to be limited by the laws of physicality and are actually seeking the expression of higher truths. They are choosing to live out their karma in more rapid and rapidly changing ways. So that there can be a situation where there gender and sexuality at birth are altered by the being at a later stage of life. The ability of the soul to express and manifest these qualities is subject to the power of the soul to use the intellect, the mind, and the physical reality. Like other ways that human beings are creative and express materially their uniqueness, this is the realm of creativity to which human beings are advancing day by day. Though it is expressed differently, it is the same impulse that refuses limitation that produces drones and robots and other extended forms of human manifestation in the world. We can pause for a moment to rest if you need to rest. These changes for human beings are frightening because the capacity to do these things, the use of the intellect, the accumulation of human knowledge of the material are subject to the same human frailty as always was true before. Greed, desire, hunger, attachments, egoic control, defensiveness, all of these new capacities for human expression can still fall into the clutches of these egoic patterns and circumstances. Again, we are expressing the understanding that the spiritual path is a path of balance. Normally these capacities for physical expression are balanced by a corresponding increase in awareness and the capacity for the soul to express compassion. But this is not always the case, and so humanity must grow and suffer through the karma and the pains from birth and growth into this new physical realm.