Balance and Intelligence of the Heart

2016-128 There are many ways to describe the spiritual path that you are traveling. It has been described as “straight and narrow,” or like Jesus described, entering through the kingdom of heaven is like going through the eye of a needle. Most people understand this to mean that the path is difficult or hard or that one cannot vary the approach to the path; that one must only have their eyes straight ahead and avoid all distractions. There are all kinds of ways to see this understanding of the spiritual path. We wish to emphasize a part of it that is seldom emphasized or understood, and that is that the spiritual path is a path that requires balance, a sort of a balancing act for the individual. Many things that are understood in the material world are perceived by the mind in dualistic ways, but the perception by the mind is sometimes part of the problem. Yes the mind needs to be used, but the greater perception, the understanding of the path comes from what you would call an intuitive perception. To understand this in the context of the spirituality of which you express and seek, another expression would be the intelligence of the heart. The intelligence that is gained through compassion and the expression of love, such that when experiences are held in the context of compassion, a certain kind of knowledge or wisdom is gained. Compassion and love can be understood like a lens through which one sees the world. But even this approach or this lens requires discernment because it is easy to idealize compassion and love and lose discrimination and discernment. Proper discrimination and discernment understands the true nature and identity of the being. We will give some examples of how this can interfere with your daily life. There is the problem of misidentification with the body. How many ways can this become a problem? Well there is the physical brain, which can be seen as the location of the mind, and the mind, by virtue of its tricky and slippery nature sometimes thinks that it creates consciousness. There is also the body. What controls the body? On a material level, the brain, the nervous system, and the mind control the body, yet there is very powerful energy and life that flows into the body from other dimensions. But because these dimensions cannot be seen, it’s easy to assume that they don’t exist. But knowing that the mind and the brain control the body, then we have to also understand that the ego can use the body to assert control. Human beings tend to see the ego as a psychological phenomena, but it is important to understand that the ego can use the physical body to control the being, just as the ego uses an addiction to help control the being. It is the psychological imprints or patterns, scripts, that help create the addictive behavior, and then the body becomes dependent on the drug or the food or the drink. But what of the people who are not addicted to drugs or food or drink, how can the ego assert itself? Anxiety. Fatigue. When the mind is overwhelmed, and the ego cannot use the mind to protect itself, it can influence the body to shut down. So there are times when fatigue is the defense mechanism of the ego. Again there is the issue of the balance that must be achieved, because of course, the body does need rest from its work, both physical and psychological and spiritual.