The Unfolding of God

2015-208 You say, and it is true, that love is God or God is love. God is life and truth. All of these things are found in the oneness of God. They are all intimately connected. They are always present in the being, as every being is made out of this same love, light, truth, love. And then there is the lesson that we gave to you previously about perfection being a process. How does one move into this process? It is present all the time. So in a way there is not a movement into it so much as an acknowledgment that it is present. But there is a conscious decision in the material mind and world to step into this process that is important. It is here that is the same thing that you have discussed before about regeneration, repentance, about fully turning one’s being towards God. This is part of the same decision, but we want to look at this not as the larger movement of the whole being right now. We want to look at something a little more refined and focused. God is constantly unfolding within God’s own being, within the world, the universe, creation, so this is part of that same process of unfolding. Yes there is the decision to step into this process. In one way the being has chosen to step into this process simply by choosing incarnation in this world. But now there is a further step that is at the end of a trail of many steps where each soul steps fully into love and understand that the process of loving and stepping into love is what moves the being toward perfection. There are many aspects of the way that I lived in a material world that are an aid to the understanding of human beings, to their understanding of God, to their understanding of what it means to be human, but all of those many aspects actually come down to the most essential, which is love—doing loving things, acting with the intention of giving love, and assuming or accepting both the attitude of love with the way one looks at other human beings in the world. This is not a process without pain or suffering. But lets be clear about the sources of that pain and suffering. That pain and suffering is the burning away of old forms, old ways of understanding and viewing the world. And like many practices or exercises or new things, this way of seeing the world and acting in the world takes some time to get used to. Every human being follows a unique path while learning to enter into this process of perfection. Both of you will be the embodiment of perfection in this process, but don’t be fooled, like many spiritual teachers before you. That even though you embody this perfection, don’t be fooled that you are this perfection. It is similar to saying that, “God is in you, but you are not God.” This perfection exists within you, but it is not the wholeness of perfection that exists as God. When you are in this process, this unfolding process, you will see much change and transformation. You will feel so may things that move from the potential energy and opportunity that exists from love at its source, down through different levels of consciousness to where there is the archetype, the symbol, and eventually the physical manifestation. You might find it easier to see this first with material things, because there is a parallel process in the mind where there is the conception of an object and the reproduction of that object in art or craft or in the material production of the concept. It is different to see this energy and the opportunity move through these different realms of consciousness and come into the material world as an expression of the highest form of love. When love moves through these levels of consciousness, it is as if the energy of all the connections between different points of consciousness and manifestation are stimulated and energized. You might even visualize it as the lights in a network being illuminated as the current flows through all of the connections and spreads out in such a way that everything is illuminated. This is a good way to see it because this is what precedes within the being, the conscious attitude and perspective of love. There is a light that is illuminated within the being and it shines through the eyes, through the skin, through the glow of a person in the world. Sometimes it stops at this point. What we want to do together, is to not stop at the point of the glow in the person or the light in the eyes, but for it then to proceed through your actions, through the ways that you hold space for others, through your attitude in working with others, and sure there will be moments where you misstep or something doesn’t work, but with this energy and this power, you will always have the opportunity to recover and continue. 

[The text above was transmitted during one of Jeff's channeling sessions that we refer to as “the readings.” Excerpts begin with the year in which they were given, followed by the paragraph number. All transmissions are transcribed by me, his wife, Stelli. For more information or to schedule a private reading, please contact Jeff directly by clicking here.]