Identity and the Disappearance of the Person

2015-236 There are those who identify with a spiritual lineage, like a guru, or with a tradition, like a church or a sect. All of these forms of identification have to be worked through by every individual, and for those who are on the highest or the ultimate path, there is a point when all of those ways of identification drop away. This does not mean that a person cannot learn or speak through a different tradition or according to wisdom expressed by others, it simply means that a human being comes into their own fullness, their own purpose, and the identification comes with the purpose. Nothing more. This is a very authentic form of expression because it comes through the channel of the being, unconditioned and without the identification of the person. The person in effect disappears. This is the place where we have come now for Jeffrey. It is why he simply needs to be known by his own name. That all other forms of identification, in effect are secondary or even of less importance than his own identity. When we say that Jeffrey channels Christ consciousness, we are actually saying something that has been given identity for him to recognize the authenticity of its expression. It can be spoken of in a less specific form, simply as higher consciousness or ultimate consciousness, but the naming of that opening, associating it with the teacher sometimes gives comfort to those who are seeking what they believe to be the path of goodness and truth. Here is the essence of the problem for human beings: At some point there will be a need to discard this identification and understand that every human being has access to this level of consciousness within their own being, and that the authority that comes from this consciousness is the authority that comes from connecting to one’s own essence. We see the person on this path give up their identity, but the giving up is within themselves. They are content to be identified by the name given to them and nothing more.

[The text above was transmitted during one of Jeff's channeling sessions that we refer to as “the readings.” Excerpts begin with the year in which they were given, followed by the paragraph number. All transmissions are transcribed by me, his wife, Stelli. For more information or to schedule a private reading, please contact Jeff directly by clicking here.]