Prayer in its simplest terms is speaking to God. That short sentence presumes so much spiritual knowledge! Prayer is also a conscious effort of will to align one’s awareness with the consciousness of God.  Your own understanding of how you engage God, or interact with God, is one of the key starting points on your journey to Oneness. How does one speak to someone or something that is beyond understanding? We begin with small steps that work in the same ways that work with human interactions. You start, you stumble, you get the first words out, and then you keep going. You will find yourself asking for help and asking for help for others and from others; you will express rage and anger at the unexplainable and tragic parts of life; you will praise God and deny God. Over time and  through  effort, you will realize that prayer brings you mindfully into the present and connects with a very authentic part of your being. Prayer will become an important tool of self-discovery, especially in those moments when you are trying to find that most authentic part of yourself, a part intimately connected to God, the source of Life, a part of you that can speak the truth to you about yourself.