2014-021 Power relationships, the engagement of power, and the exercise of power, these are filled with danger. Again we return to the use of will and intention. The exercise of power is one of the least understood abilities in the earth. Power too frequently is used to control and manipulate or is used for personal gain. Many spiritual teachers, rightfully so, avoid positions of power. This is because they understand that the highest relationship that can exist between two human beings is based on freedom. True love and acceptance functions in freedom. The highest forms of power, power beyond what the world can recognize, are contained in acceptance and love. They don’t look like power. They’re not understood as power. They are frequently seen as weakness and naïveté.

[The text above was transmitted during one of Jeff's channeling sessions that we refer to as “the readings.” Excerpts begin with the year in which they were given, followed by the paragraph number. All transmissions are transcribed by me, his wife, Stelli. For more information or to schedule a private reading, please contact Jeff directly by clicking here.]