Love Will Find a Way

2014-008 Now we ask you to think about your own soul and your own self—all of those parts of you that you identify as you, even your skills, even your learning. If you are attached to them and you grasp them, then in the moment of the grasping, what happens? They disappear. The ability that you thought you had, the ability that you thought you controlled, in the moment of decision or in the moment of truth could not be used or was not there; only the grasping; only the attempts to bring forth something out of the abyss into which it was put by the grasping. But, if the skill and the ability, the learning has come with love, in service to love, without grasping, then it is present. It is recognized as love. The effort, the giving, all these things are present because love helps make them manifest. It is the love and life that comes from God that makes things manifest. So when a person loves, they are the channel, the co-creator with God. Everything that has been built up—the wisdom, the learning, the skills, the abilities, the gifts—they are all present because they are in service to love that is present. This is why we say love will find a way. Love can see things that others can’t see. It is a difficult truth to know that most of what the world understands as love is really a grasping, is really falsely attributing to oneself what comes from or belongs to God. In some ways every person is blind to much of the ways that their love is limited by the grasping, by the holding. But even though this is difficult, there should also be the understanding in the memory that God’s love is always present. It’s like recognizing something is very close to you or even next to you. All you have to do is ask for it and hold with conviction the understanding that this love is present, that this love is working, that the spirit of God is giving life and love and filling every space in every dimension.

[The text above was transmitted during one of Jeff's channeling sessions that we refer to as “the readings.” Excerpts begin with the year in which they were given, followed by the paragraph number. All transmissions are transcribed by me, his wife, Stelli. For more information or to schedule a private reading, please contact Jeff directly by clicking here.]