The Soul's Primary Purpose

2014-007 The first thing we would say is that every soul has as its primary purpose something that can be said in two different ways but is really the same thing. One way of saying the purpose is to “know thyself.” Another way to say the same purpose is “to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself.” For those who are outer-directed, they tend to hear the love of neighbor and love of God, but as it is said, love neighbor as yourself, there is the first loving of your self; and in order to do this, you must know yourself and know yourself as intimately connected to God. There are many ways that people with good intention practice this, and they truly make it a practice where they try to do it over and over and over; and in between the trying, they are critical of themselves, critical of others, critical of the world, and look outward instead of inward. The look inward should not be a critical look. It should not be one that chastises or judges or holds accountable. Every soul can depend on natural law to take care of whatever responsibility or accountability each person has. It is not up to a person to support or enforce natural law, but many spend their whole lives thinking that they know this law, that they know this way of being spiritual, and really, the whole time, all that was required of them was to look inside and to love themselves, appreciate the life that is in them, and to know that all the wholeness that they need is within every person. It’s easy to get very intellectual with this, and it is easy to get very judgmental with this. The most difficult thing is to be very loving with this, not only for oneself, but in loving others. Along with this purpose, every human being has skills and tools and gifts and things that they have learned, and the mistake that they make is that they center their purpose in these tools, in these gifts, in the things that they have learned, rather than in loving themselves, in loving God, and in loving their neighbors. Each person can pursue learning, can grow and develop their gifts, can sharpen their skills, and in doing these things and in pursuing these things with love in their hearts, and love and care for themselves, then they fulfill their purpose through the gifts of their skills. But the formula is easily turned around, and this is why it can be so frustrating, especially if a person feels that their gifts are their skills or if what they learned is not sufficient, and then in thinking it’s not sufficient begins to think this is not a way of fulfilling their purpose. But this is easily remedied by turning around the emphasis as many times as is necessary: to remember that loving and caring for oneself, for others, for the truth, for God, all of these things are where the purpose is fulfilled, where the purpose is met. The other limitations of not being the tallest, or the fastest, the strongest, the most skilled, the most educated, none of those things are sufficient or can even have any meaning without understanding the true purpose of the soul. This is where spiritual work is identified as being spiritual. It deals with the energy of the person, what in the past was called spirit, or inspiration, the animation of the person, and working with this energy was spiritual work. Within one’s spiritual work, in learning to love oneself and others, all the things that come to the person, come in service to fulfilling that purpose of loving. This is the work of the spirit: to support the one who loves. You must be careful when we say that we love something, that we don’t become attached, and that what we think is love is really an attachment. The attachment that is felt is the grasping of the false self. The grasping of that part of the person that believes that without the grasping it would die. It’s like grasping and trying to acquire enough to fill a bottomless pit. The grasping begins and continues and intensifies, seeks more things to hold and put away, and yet, when the false self returns, everything that has been held or put away has disappeared. However it is different with love. When something is done out of love it is not being put away, or held, or contained; it is left on its own. The loving expresses the loving through freedom and acceptance.

[The text above was transmitted during one of Jeff's channeling sessions that we refer to as “the readings.” Excerpts begin with the year in which they were given, followed by the paragraph number. All transmissions are transcribed by me, his wife, Stelli. For more information or to schedule a private reading, please contact Jeff directly by clicking here.]