Additional Prayers

Prayer for Strengthening

God of strength and love,
May I discover in every moment,
my purpose as a healing presence
to the people around me.
May I connect with them
in a way that helps them overcome fear
or feelings of emptiness.
Let there exist between us
an authentic trust,
while at the same time there is an appropriate boundary
that allows each other the ability to act in freedom
and according to our own understanding of truth.
Let my path inward deepen my spiritual strength;
let my path out toward others
draw from that same spiritual well of strength.
May I remember that it is not me that has to do everything.
Help me release everything to your care.
I give thanks for the blessings
and opportunities that ll my life.
In your name I pray.

Prayer for Joy

In nite, loving God,
I know that I am a child
compared to the grandeur of the world we have created;
that I am such a small part.
I know that my joy, my heart, and my soul
are part of the very foundation of the universe.
I know in my heart, I know in my mind, I know in my body,
that the spirit of God is the spirit of joy.
It is a spirit of faith. It is a spirit of hope.
I know that all of these things will be fulfilled in me.
Help me to see this, to feel this, and know this every day.
Help me to understand that I am your partner
in creating this every day.
Help me to allow myself to feel this joy
even in the small things that I take so seriously.
It is their importance, it is their value that they be fulfilled in joy.
Sometimes I stand before you in pain,
hurting and feeling alone and without help.
Help me to understand that it is in that moment
I am being broken open to receive your joy,
and I surrender in this moment and in every moment,
the joy of your presence.

Prayer for Surrender and Alignment

Infinite, ever-present God
I acknowledge my presence
inside of your being.
I acknowledge that I live
and move and have my being
inside of you.
You are present in me.
I surrender my being
to the work of your life in me.

In this continuous process
of my surrender and my alignment
I feel unity, oneness with you.
I experience your movement.
I feel your love guiding me,
protecting me, teaching me.

Help me be to aware of the Spirit
and how the Spirit works in me.
Where I see separateness
help me to remember oneness.
Where there is unity and oneness
help me to see many facets
and the diversity of your expression
in the world.

I acknowledge Christ, your first-born.
I acknowledge this creative aspect of my life.
This is the model of my spiritual being
as I exist in my highest form,
inside of you.

Prayer for Times of Loss

There are times God, when it feels as if you are a God of pain
and yet, I see the ways that I contribute to this pain.
In the moment I am not able to see beyond my needs
and the results that mean joy and pleasure to me alone.
A hole opens up inside of me, God, and what has been lost
falls away so quickly, into such darkness,
that I fear this opening will prevent me
from ever feeling the fullness of your love.
But your love is such that I know I will be filled again
and the pain will fade into a distant memory.
You have the power to make me new, God.
Is this the feeling I have just before that newness finds a way
to completely change everything I say and do?
Or must I live with this emptiness until I learn to value
the ways that I have made this void appear?
How many times must I learn that only you can fill me
with a never-ending supply of the fullness found in love?
I will surrender to you again, to learn and grow in new ways.
I wait for your peace to arrive.

Prayer of Offering

Each day, when I open my eyes,
I offer all that I see to you.
When I stand up, I offer myself to stand
for all that is good and true.
When I lie down to rest, may all of my work
be added to the work of your love.
May the light that falls on me be reflected
perfectly as your light,
and may the darkness that surrounds me at night
be an offering to you of my rest.
I give my life so that the beauty of all life may be understood
as the gift of your life to creation.
Let the wind of my breath mingle with the holy spirit
of your rhythm in nature
that the world becomes an offering of glory
made with thanksgiving.

Prayer for Inner Peace

I struggle, God, to know all the ways your peace comes to me. If only I could have eyes to see and understand and ears that hear the fullness of your sound. I turn my attention to you, I offer my mind, but then, I know that I must turn my whole being to you. In my turning toward you God I seek to understand your peace in the midst of the awkward, loud, sudden sounds that rise up inside of me. My body may be calm, but my emotions take me on a roller coaster ride. May I  find that still, small moment of calm that can expand into all of the places I find myself during the day. May your peace be like the life that  flows through my body touching every sense I experience, and may it spread to everything I touch with my eyes, my words, and my hands. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance

Eternal God, I turn toward you in moments of mystery,
when I cannot see the way forward, when I do not believe
I have the wisdom required to do what is best.
Somewhere inside of me is the understanding that the design
of the universe is meant to guide me, where your hope for me
is greater than anything I can imagine for myself.
Help me to open myself to the possibility of grace,
a grace that allows me to accept the good given to me.
Help me accept the knowledge that I have special gifts
to give to those around me.
I ask to learn true humility, a humility that helps me to see
myself as I truly live and work, that helps me see myself
accurately while I am at rest and play.
When thoughts crowd in on me and the world presents me with
opportunities, may the wisdom and knowledge gained
through experience guide me.
Help me to let go of any pride or feelings that prevent me
from asking for help.
Strengthen my patience that I may wait for the unfolding
of your laws and your will before my eyes.
May I remember the way that Jesus taught about how to live
and how to be in relationship to one another.
May love guide my search in life for meaning and purpose.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Abundantly loving God, you ll me with the gifts of life and love,
you prepare before me a table that holds all of the things I need.
For each pain or hurt, you provide a healing touch or blessing
that reaches every part of my being.
You bring me the experiences necessary for my spiritual growth. 
You call to me from the depth of my own being and you
flash before my eyes in the beauty of the world.
You, God, look at me through the eyes of those who love me
and you release your compassion and truth to me
during my time of need.
You meet me in ways that I cannot know,
yet I do know that your invisible presence never leaves me.
For the gifts I can acknowledge, I give thanks.
For the gifts I am unable to know, I give thanks.
For the gifts of life, of love, of truth, of your presence,
I give thanks, humble thanks, for all of the ways
your grace strengthens me. And I give thanks, God,
for the revelation of your love in Jesus Christ.